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John Mulkey

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1845 Obituary From Christian Review

Tompkinsville, KY., MARCH 5TH, 1845.

John Mulkey was descended from a preacher's family. His grandfather, Philip Mulkey, was a Baptist preacher, of respectable talent, in the Meherrin Association, so early as the year. 1756. Semple's H. Va. B. p. 222.

Philip Mulkey's son Jonathan became a preacher, perhaps in South Carolina; but finally located in E. Tennessee, and soon distinguished himself as one of the most eloquent, pious and virtuous Baptist preachers in the State. Three of his sons became preachers! and he was blessed with the singular happiness of being associated, in his old age, in preaching, with his Father and his own son John, in the same pulpit, and on the same day.

John Mulkey was born in S. Carolina, Jan. 14, 1773; commenced preaching in East Tennessee, in the 20th year of his age; and by close application to his Bibles soon became a very popular Baptist, preacher. He and his brother Philip, who was one of the most zealous and pious preachers of the age, removed to Kentucky early in the present century, These two brothers in the flesh, in the Lord, and in the proclamation of the Gospel, soon "obtained a good report." —But in the year 1809, John “expressed a change in his sentiments on unconditional election, and some other subjects.” This was the beginning of sorrows in the Baptist church! “At the Aug. meeting, 1809, they agreed to call on fine sister churches to assist them. The following Oct. meeting was the time set. The churches sent their delegates; the subjects were investigated; and the question put—‘For all who justify Bro. John Mulkey to hold up their right hands;’ but the majority being in his favor, no more could be done then. But the 2nd Saturday in November, he proposed to drop all disputes, and bear with each other—they replied, ‘Never till you come back to the very ground from which you. started.’ He then proposed a dissolution of the church, to which there was not a dissenting voice. Those that were determined to stand on their` old ground, were called to have their names enrolled as the church. But John Mulkey called on all who were determined to withdraw from all human creeds, and stand on the Bible, to give place for the others to act in their own way.— They met on the next Saturday, and, after solemn prayer to Almighty God, organized themselves into a church on the Bible alone.” After this start for Reform, John and Philip Mulkey bore all opposition with Christian fortitude, per­severed in well doing, and sowed the seeds of reform with a liberal hand. And though small was their beginning, they soon gathered a mighty host. And when Bro. A. Campbell appeared upon the arena, they took courage, and zealously and successfully contended for a consummate “Restoration of the ancient order of things in the church.”

John Mulkey spent the most of his time in preaching till about three years ago, when his health became so precarious that he was compelled to desist.—The last year he was confined to his home, and the delightful company of his intelligent, pious and virtuous wife. He frequently and freely conversed with her on the subject of his “Departure for the land of rest,” as he called it. Told her he had not dreaded death since he became a Christian; but that he was more than ordinarily willing to change worlds at this time. And to one of the Elders he said— “You cannot think how willing I am to die”! Some days previous to his “departure,” he requested his beloved to have two of his most favorite pieces sung while he should be dying; the one beginning—“Jesus, thou art the sinner's friend”—the other, “The angels that watch'd round the tomb.” But when his final dissolution came on, the friends were so immersed in grief for the dying father, saint, Evangelist, that they could not sing. So in the midst of children, grand-children, brethren, and weeping friends, he calmly fell asleep in Jesus—Dec. 13, 1844—15 m. before 1 o'clock, A.M. Father Mulkey delivered, in 51 years, upwards of 10,000 discourses himself, and left two sons eminent preachers, and a grandson just commencing. Will they imitate his noble example? That they, and many more, may imitate it, is the prayer of the writer, ISAAC T. RENEAU,

Will the Christian Journal please copy this?

Christian Review, Vol.II, no.5 May,1845,p.120 / Also, Millennial Harbinger, Vol. 2 No. 8, August, 1945, page 380.

For more explanation see The Mulkey Meeting House page.

Directions To The Mulkey Graveyard

From Knoxville: Travel on I-40 to Cookeville Exit #288. This will be highway 111 & 42. Head north toward Livingston, Tennessee. Go about 20 miles, and as you enter Livingston, Hwy 42 will turn left and by-pass downtown. Go a couple miles on the by-pass and turn left on Hwy 52 heading toward Celina. Travel 18 miles and follow the Hwy 52 signs all the way through Celina (goes through the downtown area). From Celina travel 8.5 miles crossing the Cumberland River toward Moss. As you pass through Moss the road will fork. Hwy 52 goes back to the left and Hwy 53 goes straight ahead. Go straight on Hwy 53 heading north 1.9 mile to the Kentucky State Line. Continue another 3.2 miles into Kentucky on what has now become Hwy 163. (Hwy 53 in Tennessee = Hwy 163 in Kentucky). Then turn right on Hwy 216. At this point you are 6.7 miles from the graves. When you have passed Hestand Church of Christ on the left you still are 3 miles away. You will be traveling through a valley and will see the entrance next to a small creek bed on your left. The entrance will be in the form of a triangle with trees growing in the middle. Go 100 feet up the little pig trail that goes up by the creek bed and the sign and chain-linked fenced-in cemetery is on your right.

From Nashville: I-65 cross over into Kentucky and take the second exit which should be the Franklin exit. At the exit turn right on Hwy 100. The road has some pretty rough turns but after 60 miles you will come into Tompkinsville. Off Hwy 100 turn south on Hwy 163. Travel 5.4 miles just past the Germany Church of Christ and turn left on Hwy 216, then 6.7 mile on your left. See more details above.

GPS: 36.649463,-85.524993

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to the memory of
Elizabeth Mulkey
Who Departed This Life,
July 23rd, 1840
Aged 70 years 9 months
and 5 days

John Mulkey
A faithful preacher
of the gospel of Christ
January 11, 1773;
December 13, 1844.

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