History of the Restoration Movement

  Disciples Of Christ Historical Society
Est. 1941
The Work Of The Historical Society

Since 1941 Disciples of Christ Historical Society has served its mission of preserving and making available to researchers the many documents, books, periodicals, and audio/visual materials telling the story of the Stone-Campbell heritage. The Society is housed in the Thomas W. Phillips Memorial Archives – the place history calls home - in Nashville, Tennessee. The Society exists to document and interpret the history of Stone-Campbell churches (Churches of Christ, Independent Christian Churches/Churches of Christ and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and holds the largest collection of this material in the world. Included are hundreds of thousands of photographs, thousands of rare books, 40,000 biographical files, records of tens of thousands of congregations, and thousands of artifacts.

Membership to the society is both available and encouraged at several levels.


Source: DOCHS website

Note: One of the most impressive buildings I have had the privilege of visiting on several occasions is the T.W. Phillips building. Located in Nashville, Tennessee, it houses that largest collection of artifacts connected with the Restoration Movement. The staff is always so very helpful with information and willingness to assist in research. They are in desperate need of volunteers to assist in the continual preservation efforts of the past. If you have free time, take an interest in volunteering in the preservation of our past, then contact them for ways you can help.

  Directions To The Disciples of Christ Historical Society

The Disciples of Christ Historical Society is located in the Vanderbilt University area of Nashville, Tennessee.
From I-440 - Take the I-440 loop in Nashville on the south side to Exit 3/Hillsboro Pike/Hwy.431/106 and go north toward the city. The road becomes 21st Ave. S. Go about 1.5 miles and turn right on Scarritt Pl. You will come up on the T.W. Phillips building on your right at the end of the block.

From I-40 - Take Exit 209 (209a if heading west, 209b if heading east) and go south on Broadway/Hwy. 431. Stay on Broadway until you turn left on Scarritt Place. You will come up on the T.W. Phillips building on your right at the end of the block.

1101 19th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37212
Phone: 1-866-834-7563
Disciples Of Christ Historical Society Website

Note: Two important things! First, the DOCHS is closed on Mondays. Check times on their website. Second, parking around the building can be difficult, and there may be some pay parking that has to be utilized, so be sure to take some change with you when you visit.


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Alexander Campbell
Colleges and Churches
Go Hand In Hand In The
Progress of Christian

The Spirit And Soul Of
All Reformation Is Free

Thomas Campbell
The Church of Christ
Upon Earth Is Essentially,
Intentionally, And
Constitutionally One

Where The Scriptures
Sepak, We Speak;
Where The Scriptures
Are Silent We Are Silent

Walter Scott
The Golden Oracle:
The Grand Saving Truth
Is That 'Jesus Is The Christ'

The Terms Of The Ancient
Gospel: Faith, Repentance,
Baptism, Remission Of Sins,
Gift Of The Holy Spirit

Barton Warren Stone
Let The Unity Of
Christians Be Our
Polar Star

Let Every Christian
Begin The Work Of
Union In Himself

Disciples Of Christ Historical Society
Library and archives of the 19th c.
American religious unity movement
which became: the Christian Church
(Disciples of Christ); Christians
Churches; and Churches of Christ.
Located here, 1958, in the Thomas W.
Phillips Memorial. Architects:
Hoffman & Crumpton; Hart, Freeland
& Roberts. Sculptor: Puryear Mims.
Stained glass artist: Gus Baker.

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Courtesy of Scott Harp
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