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Dr. Chester Bullard

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Dr. Chester Bullard
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Dr. Chester Bullard

Directions To The Grave Of Dr. Chester Bullard

Our special thanks to Gary Marshall who visited the grave of Dr. Chester Bullard in April, 2005. As the pictures of the monument location show, the cemetery and grave marker has been defaced in years past. Much attention is needed to restore the monument and the cemetery. He stated in an email, the Bullard plot is "in a corner of a larger cemetery with the other residents all behind, and some to the right of, the position of the photographer in this photo[Below].  Some documentation I found says Dr. Bullard is buried to overlook his beloved home "Humility" on a hill called "Chester's Hill." I did not verify that the community of Snowville is actually now visible from this location. The place is grown up a bit with woods." He further notes the directions as follows: "Snowville, VA is a small community on the very eastern edge of Pulaski County, separated from Montgomery County by the Little River. Snowville is on State Highway Route 693, Lead Mine Road.

On the WEST edge of the village, and on the NORTH side of Route 693 is a lovely farm, and an equally beautiful, large, old, white, multi-section farm house. The LANE into this farm begins on Route 693 with a dual-pillar, concrete-cased, entrance gateway.  Immediately ACROSS Route 693 from this gateway entrance, on the south-side of Lead Mine Road is a cattle gate, with vehicle path leading toward an open meadow.  The path is without gravel, only bare dirt, with lush grass in the center. Follow this grass lane, along the left-edge of open meadow.  The lane passes some accumulated round hay bales.  The old cemetery is on the left, just into the woods, as one meadow opens into another meadow.  A large pillared entrance (back in the woods) into the cemetery is easily visible, and a small grass parking space is in front of the cemetery. These directions DO NOT include permission to trespass across the meadows. All visitors enter at their own risk. And certainly, any planned service to the cemetery must surely seek permission of the land-owner of the access lane.

GPS Coordinates
N37º 01.786' x WO 80º 33.471'

Plot Of Chester Bullard - In Desperate Need Of Repair

Chester Bullard
Mar. 12, 1809
Feb. 27, 1893
A Soldier Of The Cross
For Much ????
?????? . . .

Grave Of A. Snow, Founder Of Snowville, Near Bullard Plot

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