History of the Restoration Movement

Grave Locations Of Restoration Movement Leaders In

Below Is An Incomplete List Of Leaders In The Restoration Movement Now Deceased Whose Remains Have Been Located And Kept On Record For Future Restoration Study. Photos And The Locations Are Sketchy. As Further Investigation Comes To Light, Updates Of Photos And Directions To Locations Will Be Made.  Some Of The Names Listed Below Represent A "Wish-List" Of Graves I Hope To Visit Someday. If You Would Care To Assist In Producing Pages For Any Listed Below, Contact Me And Ask How You Can Help! For A Complete Listing Of Pages That Have Been Produced See The Master Index

Sorted By Name


Allen, James Mitchum (1827-03.15.1906) Spokane, Spokane County, Greenwood Memorial Terrace (Find-A-Grave)

Adams, Cecil Clayton (10.19.1889-5.4.1933) Wenatchee, Chelan County, Wenatchee City Cemetery Section 209, row 2, grave 2 (Find-A-Grave) (Obit. GA 6. 29.1933, p.623)


Bailes, Willis Keathley (10.14.1829-03.17.1915) Ellensburg, Kittitas County, Ellensburg Cemetery, (obit, in PCN,14.1.p10)
Bass, Albert C. "Al" (02.28.1915-08.16.1989) Issaquah, King County (Find-A-Grave)
Bunn, Jesse Calvin (1882-1978) Washington, Seattle, Washelli Cemetery (obit. Smith, p.78)


Cunningham, William Randolph (4.14.1834-4.11.1919) Spokane, Greenwood Memorial Terrace (Find-A-Grave) *lp


Holland, Charley (03.24.1902-03.03.2002) Richland, Benton County, Sunset Memorial Gardens (Find-A-Grave)


Lord, James Alexander (04.09.1849-06.15.1922) Walla Walla, Walla Walla County, Mountain View Cemetery, Burial Location: walla-mv-61-4-4, (Find-A-Grave)


Walters, Milton J. (d.12.12.1948) Spokane, Riverside Memorial Park (Find-A-Grave) *lp

Sorted By City & County


Ellenburg, Kittitas County
Bailes, Willis Keathley (10.14.1829-03.17.1915) Ellensburg, Ellensburg Cemetery, (obit, in PCN,14.1.p10)


Issaquah, King County
Albert C. Bass, "Al" (02.28.1915-08.16.1989) (Find-A-Grave)


Richland, Benton County
Charley Holland (03.24.1902-03.03.2002) Sunset Memorial Gardens (Find-A-Grave)


Washington, Seattle
Jesse Calvin Bunn (1882-1978) Washelli Cemetery


Spokane, Spokane County
Greenwood Memorial Terrace
James Mitchum Allen (1827-03.15.1906) (Find-A-Grave)

William Randolph Cunningham (4.14.1834-4.11.1919) (Find-A-Grave) *lp

Milton J. Walters (d.12.12.1948) Spokane, Riverside Memorial Park (Find-A-Grave) *lp


Walla Walla, Walla Walla County
James Alexander Lord (04.09.1849-06.15.1922) Mountain View Cemetery, Burial Location: walla-mv-61-4-4, (Find-A-Grave)


Wenatchee, Chelan County
Adams, Cecil Clayton (10.19.1889-5.4.1933) Wenatchee City Cemetery Section 209, row 2, grave 2 (Find-A-Grave) (Obit. GA 6. 29.1933, p.623)

*lp = Ligon Portraiture

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