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Carey Columbus Nichols


Carey C. & Vera V. Hollingsworth Nichols
Courtesy of their son, Aubrine A. Nichols

The Life Of Carey C. Nichols

Carey Nichols was the younger brother of Gus Nichols, and third child of Will and Lizzie Nichols. He was born December 18, 1896 in Walker County, Alabama. He grew up and married Vera Velma Hollingsworth of Fayette County. Vera was born November 5, 1898. Together they made their home in Fayette County where there was born to them nine children: Aubrine Alton, born May 28, 1918; Jessie J. Nichols, born May 28, 1829; Ella Exavier Nichols, born June 14, 1921; Mary Marie Nichols Earnest, born July 26, 1926; Leslie Loyd Nichols, born August 17, 1931; Frank Floyd Nichols, born Dec. 25, 1934; Charlette Christine Nichols Moore, born August 4, 1938; Daniel Dunn Nichols, born April 15, 1943; and an infant, Carey C. Nichols, Jr., born in 1923 and died in 1924.

Carey was a farmer by trade. He worked some in the coal mines and a carpenter. But his greatest love was preaching the gospel of Jesus. He lived and worked many years at farming during the week and preaching somewhere on Sundays. When older brother Gus, went to Alabama Christian College in Berry, Alabama, his brother Carey, attended with him. Being educated under the tutelege of Hal P. McDonald and Gus Dunn, Carey received a great Biblical education, preparing himself for the ministry.

The Nichols continued through the years as strong advocates for New Testament Christianity. Their work in Fayette county was primarily with the Mt. Olive church where he served many years as an elder.

Carey passed from this life February 22, 1974, preceding his two older brothers in death almost a year and a half. Vera lived a number of years beyond that of Carey. She passed from this life October 7, 1990. They are buried in Fayette Memorial Gardens in Fayette, Alabama.

Source: It has been my privilege to speak with Carey's son, Aubrine Nichols, of Fayette, Alabama. As of the time of this writing he is ninety years old. He has probably done more to preserve the history of the Nichols family than any other person. At the annual Nichols homecoming in 1995, Aubrine presented a book that he prepared to distribute among the family. It was a geneological snapshot of the generations of the Nichols family back to his grandparents, Will and Lizzie Nichols. Some of the information from that book has been used in preparing this information. Special thanks are extended to Aubrine as well as Carey's neice, Betty Beck, the daughter of Zora Nichols and her husband, Thomas Piper.

Directions To The Grave of Carey Nichols

Carey and Vera Nichols are buried in the Fayette Memorial Gardens at 3185 U.S. Hwy 171N, Fayette, Alabama. The cemetery is located north of Fayette on Hwy. 43. It is often referred to by the locals as the Wal-mart Cemetery, as it is located just across from the Wal-mart Shopping Center there in North Fayette. Head north from downtown Fayette on Hwy. 43/171, go about three miles and the cemetery will be on your left. Enter the first entrance, and enter toward the statue of Jesus in the front middle of the cemetery. Just in front of the statue and just to the left (south) will be the Nichols' family plot. Note that the infant grave, Carey C. Nichols, Jr. originally was buried in South Carolina. His body was moved to the Fayette Memorial Gardens.

GPS Location
33°43'53.2"N 87°48'42.9"W
or D.d. 33.731451, -87.811913

Carey C. Nichols, Jr.
Feb. 21, 1923
June 21, 1924

Carey C. - Dec. 18, 1896 - Feb. 22, 1974
Vera V. - Nov. 5, 1898 - Oct. 7, 1990

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