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The best way to know what happened in the past is to read source material closest in time to the historical events. The facts as they happened are a writer's most difficult challenge. It is easy to interpret and re-interpret. The further the way one is in years from the events the bigger the challenge is for accuracy. The historian is often left with more questions than answers. This is especially true with the passing of years and of witnesses. When books are written, then not reprinted, those who have copies are fewer and fewer as the years go by. This page will make a slow but hopefully steady process in bringing back numerous books that have been all but forgotten. Good reading.

A Note About Copyright: According to the knowledge of the webmaster, all the books that appear on this site are out of print and the copyrights on the books are out of date. Feel free to use this material in any way. This material is not intended to be used for printing or sales, only for research. If any of this information is used in books or papers, and other forms of research that leads to any form of publication, the webmaster requests acknowledgement of the website location as reference in the finished production.

Online RM Texts On This Site

Allen, F.G., Autobiography of, by ed. by Robert Graham pdf, 962k
Allen, F.G., The Old Paths Pulpit pdf, 1.1 mb
A History Of The Catoma Street Church of Christ by Durden Stough
Autobiography of T.W. Caskey
Biographical Sketches of Gospel Preachers, ed. H. Leo Boles (48 mb)
Biography of David Purviance (MS Word version) (PDF Version)
Can The Sinner Do Anything To Be Saved 1903 Debate with Archie Brown & J.R. Bradley
Chapel Talks, J.W. McGarvey
Christians Of New England, The, by James Gardner
Christians On The Oregon Trail, by Jerry Rushford
Churches of Christ, John T. Brown (PDF)
Churches of Christ In East Tennessee - John Waddey (PDF)
Gospel Plan Of Salvation, by J.H. Hundley (PDF)
The Gospel Proclaimer, by E.S.B. Waldron (PDF)
Hearthstone Echoes, by Molly Meeks, (PDF) Download Only (39 mb)
History Of Christian Churches (Disciples Of Christ) In Mississippi, by M.F. Harmon
Hymnals In The Restoration Movement, A Study Of, by Steve Wolfgang
I Have Much People In This City, Highlights of 125 Years of Centerville Church of Christ by Paul Rogers
James M. Mathis: Pioneer Preacher (A Paper, No Known Author, contributed by Bradley Cobb, .pdf)
Larimore And His Boys, By F.D. Srygley (PDF) Download Only (21 mb)
Life and Sermons of Jesse L. Sewell, David Lipscomb
Life Of Knowles Shaw, by William Baxter
Logan County Churches of Christ, by Marie Turner
Matthews Papers, collected by Jewell Matthews and made available through Special Collections, Texas Christian University
Memoirs, Dr. Winthrop Hartley Hopson by his wife, Ella Lord Hopson
Memoirs of Deceased Christian Ministers - E. W. Humphreys
New Hope Church of Christ, Middleton, Tennessee, Papers, Compiled By Alta Davidson PDF (32mb)
Pioneer Preachers Of Indiana by Madison Evans (PDF) Download Only
Prayer: An Examination of The Scriptures As To The Rules And Purposes, Pharris PDF (2.1mb)
Readings In Restoration History by Bill Humble (PDF) (40 mb)
Recollections of Pioneer Days In Georgia, J.S. Lamar (3mb)
Religious Influences In The Life Of Christian Herman Dasher, by John Mills (.pdf)
Shiloh Church of Christ History, Florence, Alabama
Shiloh Church of Christ Church Directory 1980, Florence, Alabama
"The Apollos Of The West" The Life of John Allen Gano, by Jerry Rushford - .pdf version
The Early History of the Restoration Movement in the United States, by S.K. Dong
The Eatonton Story, Georgia, by John Mills, (.pdf)
The Christian Portrait Gallery by M.C. Tiers (PDF) (Thanks to Terry J. Gardner & Bennie Johns for making available)
The Reformation In Tennessee, by J.W. Grant
The Life And Work Of H.C. Owens by H.C. Owens (PDF) Download Only
The Life Work of Charlotte Fall Fanning, Emma Page (PDF)
The Political Disciple: The Relationship Between James A. Garfield And The DIsciples Of Christ, by Jerry Rushford - .pdf version
Trials and Triumphs In The Life Of J.A. Copeland by Lawrence H. Roberts, Ph.D. pdf version
What Churches of Christ Stand For, by William Robinson, DD. M.A. pdf version
Why I Left, Caskey, Campbell PDF (16mb)
The Life And Times of John T. Walsh, M.D.
History of Lauderdale County, Alabama 01
History of Lauderdale County, Alabama 02

Online Books From Other Sites

Online RM Related Books From Kentuckiana Digital Library
Biography Of Elder David Purviance
Biography of Elder J.T. Johnson / by John Rogers RM Preacher
Charter And The Other Acts Of The Legislature Relating To Kentucky University, July 12, 1866; to which is appended an historical sketch of the University Kentucky University Started As A RM Related College.
Crestlands : Centennial Story Of Cane Ridge Novel About Cane Ridge
Early History Of The Disciples In The Western Reserve, Amos S. Hayden
History of Daughters College (1856-1893) : and its founder John Augustus Williams
History of the Disciples of Christ / by B.B. Tyler
History of the Frankfort Cemetery RM Leaders Buried At Frankfort, See Onsite Page Here
In Memoriam : Remarks On The Life And Character Of General Samuel L. Williams / By His Nephew, John Augustus Williams, Delivered Before The Church of Christ, at Somerset, Montgomery co., Ky., on the 20th of October, 1872, and published by the request of many brethren. A Funeral Sermon
Makers and molders of the Reformation movement : a study of leading men among the Disciples of Christ
Memoirs of Alexander Campbell (vol. 1) / by Robert Richardson
Memoirs of Alexander Campbell (vol. 2) / by Robert Richardson
Memoirs of Dr. Winthrop Hartly Hopson RM Preacher
Men of yesterday : a series of character sketches of prominent men among the Disciples of Christ / by Thomas W. Grafton; with an introduced by Benjamin L. Smith. Sketches On Barton Stone, O.A. Burgess, Walter Scott, Isaac Errett, John "Raccoon" Smith, & Barton W. Johnson
Monument to the Memory of Henry Clay Some RM Related
Observations on the constitution, unity, and discipline of the Church of Christ: addressed to the brethren of the Christian Church / by David Purviance
Raccoon John Smith: Frontier Kentucky's Most Famous Preacher, by Elder John Sparks
Recollections Of Pioneer Days In Georgia, by James S. Lamar
Rev. John Gano, of Frankfort,(Kentucky), Formerly of the City of New York, 1806, Early Kentucky Baptist
Souvenir history of the Christian Church of Cynthiana, Ky. / by W.S. Cason, Lily Webster, Maude Smith and Bettie M. Cromwell; with a brief sketch of the Reformation by J.J. Haley
The Reformation of the Nineteenth Century, J.H. Garrison

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