History of the Restoration Movement

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Have you ever thought it would be nice to just get in your car and go explore the history of the church all by yourself? This has always been a dream of mine. Since I have done a little traveling around the country, I have sought to map out different places where people have lived and evangelized their part of the world with the good news of New Testament Christianity.

My travels have taken me to old church buildings, like Cane Ridge and Mulkey Meetinghouse. Then there are graves of great preachers like Jacob Creath, Sr. and Samuel Rogers, and big graveyards like Lexington Cemetery, Lexington, Kentucky, and Mt. Olivet, Nashville, Tennessee where numerous leaders in the Restoration Movement are now buried.

This page is part of a life-long desire I've had to make these places and people available to anyone who is interested in restoration history. Please print out as much of this information as you would like and go see the places for yourself.

There is a rich heritage of dedication that has taken place, especially over the past 200 years, that need never be forgotten. Men and women have battled to overcome denominational creedalism to take just the Bible for their rule of faith and practice. Many have sacrificed friend and family to be true to God's Word.

It has been correctly stated, "We are standing on the shoulders of giants." These great defenders of the faith must not be forgotten. For in them we connect ourselves bit by bit and piece by piece to the old rugged cross.

Our efforts here have not been to worship those of the Restoration Movement. However, in the same way we don't worship the apostles, we still love and respect what they have given us, the same can be said for Barton W. Stone and Alexander Campbell. I hope you find the research and effort beneficial to your faith and work in the kingdom of God. Again, this material is NOT copy write material. Take and share as much as you will. However, if you use the material in publication, be sure to credit the original author, as I have sought to do on this site.

Graves Of Restoration Leaders And Their Locations
Scenes Around Hannibal, Missouri
Mt. Zion Christian, Marion County, Missouri
Scenes Around Palmyra, Missouri
"Raccoon" John Smith's "Horse Hollow" Cabin


Sorted By City, State

Mars Hill's Gresham Cemetery, Florence, Alabama
Oak Grove, Searcy, Arkansas
White County Memorial Gardens, Searcy, Arkansas
Crown Hill, Indianapolis, Indiana
Little Flat Creek Christian Cemetery, Rush County, Indiana
Frankfort, Frankfort, Kentucky
Lexington, Lexington, Kentucky
Cave Hill, Louisville, Kentucky
Spring Grove, Cincinnati, Ohio
Henderson City, Henderson, Tennessee
Memorial Park, Memphis, Tennessee
Mount Olivet, Nashville, Tennessee
Woodlawn, Nashville, Tennessee
God's Acre, Bethany, West Virginia
Hebron Church of Christ & Cemetery, Near Arab, Alabama

Meeting Houses
Sorted By State

Mooresville, Alabama
Rock Creek, Alabama
Rocky Springs, Alabama
Berea Church, Fayette County, Alabama
Coal Hill, Arkansas
Pine Knot Church of Christ, Arkansas (Oldest Continuous Meeting Church of Christ West Of The Mississippi River)
Sichel Street Church of Christ, Los Angeles, California
Little Flat Creek Christian Church & Cemetery, Rush County, Indiana
Bethel Presbyterian Church, Lexington, Kentucky
Hill Street Christian Church, Lexington, Kentucky
Old Mud Meetinghouse, Harrodsburg, Kentucky
Old Concord, Near Carlisle, Kentucky
Main Street Christian, Lexington, Kentucky
Red River Meetinghouse, South Kentucky
Rock House Church, Creelsboro, Kentucky
Somerset Christian Church, Mt. Sterling, Kentucky
Thyatira Church of Christ, Tate County, Mississippi
Cane Ridge, Paris, Kentucky
Old Mulkey, Tompkinsville, Kentucky
Crossroads, Bell Buckle, Tennessee
Upper Spencer Meetinghouse, Mt. Sterling, Kentucky
Dover Christian Church, Dover, Missouri
New Herman, Near Lynchburg, Tennessee
Old Philadelphia, Viola, Tennessee
Post Oak Springs Christian Church, near Rockwood, Tennessee
Rock Spring Church of Christ, Laverge, Tennessee
Bethany Church of Christ, Bethany, W. Virginia
Brush Run Church, Pennsylvania
Kircaldy Church of Christ, Kirkaldy, Scotland


Sorted By State

Alabama Christian College, Berry, Alabama
Bethany College, Bethany, West Virginia
Bethany College II, Bethany, West Virginia
Burritt College, Spencer, Tennessee
Mars Hill College, Florence, Alabama
Silver Point Christian Institute, Silver Point, Tennessee


Travel Tours You Can Take
Sorted By State

Exploring Our Heritage, with Ancil Jenkins
Tour Around Bethany, West Virginia
Scott Harp's Tour Of Restoration Sites In Los Angeles, 2012

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