History of the Restoration Movement

Mars Hill's Gresham Cemetery

Florence, Alabama

Directions To The Gresham Cemetery

The Gresham Cemetery is located in Florence, Alabama. The Gresham property was the long-time homeplace of the Gresham home. T.B. Larimore brought fame to the area during the 1870s and 80s with his Mars Hill College. The school is gone, but the home still stands. From Huntsville/Athens travel into Florence on Hwy. 72. Turn right on Hwy. 133/Cox Creek Parkway. Pass the Mall on the left and continue for another mile. After going over a hill, you will see Mars Hill Bookstore on the right. Turn right on Mars Hill Rd. Head past the Larimore home and begin traveling down the hill. You will see a newer home on the left. Look back to the left under some trees and see the cemetery on the left. If you cross the creek and come to the church building you have gone too far. Turn around and go back.

GPS Location Of Gresham Cemetery
34°50'53.6"N 87°39'44.8"W
or D.d. 34.848233,-87.662433

Julia Esther Gresham Larimore,
First Wife Of T.B. Larimore

Asleep In Jesus
Theophilus B.
Son Of
T.B & Julia E.
Oct. 19, 1872
Born Again
July 25, 1888
Aug. 4, 1903.
Farewell my dear son,
From this world of sin.
It will not be long.
Till we meet again.

Asleep In Jesus
She is not dead, but sleepeth
Asleep In Jesus
Blessed Sleep
Mrs. Julia Esther
Born July 11, 1845,
Born Again Oct. 21, 1859.
Married Aug. 30, 1868,
Went Home Mar. 4, 1907.
A dutiful daughter, an affectionate sister,
a faithful friend, a loyal helpful hopeful
wife, a model mother, a sweet singer, a truly
conscientious consistent Christian, always
consecrated, loyal and true to Christ and his
cause, she was perfectly prepared for that sweet
Home where sorrows and sad separations are
unknown where life is eternal and a treasure
sublime. Farewell sweet wife-by grace divine.
We'll meet you over there.
your lonely Husband.

W.H. Gresham

In Loving Memory
W.H. Gresham
Mar. 8, 1832
Nov. 14, 1917
Asleep In Jesus

John A. Thompson

John A. Thompson
Born In
County Down
Mar. 9, 1831
Sep. 15, 1873
in Lauderdale County

John A. Thompson Family

Small baby on lap is Florence Thompson Henry

Andrew Gresham

Oct. 28, 1829
Sept. ??, 1874

Philemon Gresham
Father, And First Settler On Gresham Land In Lauderdale County

Philemon Gresham
Aug. 17, 1800
Aug. 13, 1850

Mamie Srygley

Daughter of
F.D. & Ella P.

Sept. 29, 1879
Oct. 18, 1880
Suffer little children
to come unto me.

The story handed down through the years concerning the sad death of the infant child of F.D. and Ella Srygley is one that touches the heart, and recognizes the true heart of T.B. Larimore. When Mamie died at just a couple weeks past her first birthday, her mother was deeply distraught at her passing. For weeks after the death of the child, her mother mourned her death, not seeming to ever get relief. She suggested that she did not even have a lock of her hair. When her husband mentioned this to brother Larimore, the older brother took students out to the cemtery late one evening, and exhumed the body of the child. F.D. Srygley then clipped some of Mamie's hair, and laid it into the hands of the grieving mother. This helped soothe her deep sorrow, and brother Larimore's kindness was never forgotten.

J.C. Ott
Gospel Preacher

John C. Ott
Born Augusta Co. VA
Oct. 14, 1845
Went Home
Nov. 9, 1908
Dear Father of Love,
thou art gone to
thy rest.
Forever to bask
in the Joys of the

Special thanks for Photos Taken By C. Wayne Kilpatrick - Summer, 2010
Courtesy of Scott Harp

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