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Biographical Sketch Of The Life Of T.B. Larimore

Perhaps no man of recent generations has come from such low depths of poverty and obscurity and has risen to such heights of fame in the brotherhood as T. B. Larimore. He was born on July 10, 1843, in East Tennessee. Little is known of his parents.

His early advantages were very gloomy and his poverty discouraging, yet through it all he arose to heights of great prominence and service among his fellows upon earth.

He worked on a farm in East Tennessee during his early youth and went to school only ten or twelve weeks in the year. He studied hard at night, not only while he was in school, but during the entire year. At the age of sixteen he entered Mossy Crock Baptist College in East Tennessee. He walked from his home to the college. He walked forty miles the first day, starting early in the morning and walking until late in the evening. He received a diploma from this college. During his sojourn as a student in Mossy Creek Baptist College he sought religion after the fashion of that day, but failed to get it. However, he made a firm resolution to live right and honor God so long as he lived upon the earth. When the Civil War began, he entered the service of the Confederate Army, and remained in it until the close of the war. On his twenty-first birthday anniversary-July 10, 1864-he obeyed the gospel. He began preaching in 1866, and in the fall of the same year he entered Franklin College, near Nashville, Tenn.

Brother Larimore remained in school at Franklin College about two years. Tolbert Fanning was president of the college at that time. Through patient and diligent efforts he made rapid progress in all of his courses. He often said that Tolbert Fanning was one of the best teachers that he ever had. He was graduated with honors in 1867. He was chosen to deliver the valedictory address at the graduating exercises. After leaving Franklin College, he went to North Alabama and preached the gospel with much power and persuasion. While in that section of the State be became acquainted with the Srygley family. In the fall of 1868 be began teaching with J. M. Pickens at Mountain Home, in Lawrence County, Ala. He remained there only one year. In 1869 he went to West Tennessee and taught for a short while. He was next found at Stantonville, Tenn., where he taught for ten months. He next went to Florence, Ala., and on January 1, 1871, be opened a school and called it "Mars Hill Academy." He continued here for a few years, and as his school grew he changed its name to "Mars Hill College." Mars Hill College continued for a period of sixteen years-from 1871 to 1887. Hundreds of young men were trained in this college by Brother Larimore. The lamented E. A. Elam taught for a while with him there. This college did more for young people in that section of the country than all other schools there. The usual branches of study were taught, also the Bible. Brother Larimore emphasized the study of two books above all others. These were the English Bible and Webster's Dictionary. These who had thorough courses in these two books, together with the few allied courses, were far better educated than those who have taken many courses according to our modern system of education.

Larimore Home In Florence, Alabama, Today A Historical Treasure
This beautiful home stood for nearly 150 years, but was tragically destroyed by an arson July 11, 2018

Brother Larimore began preaching soon after he was baptized, and his preaching attracted much attention from the first. His humble manner and pious behavior gave him ready and easy access to the hearts of the people. He walked from Tennessee into North Alabama, where he held his first meeting. One has described him as follows: "On his face there was a settled expression of goodness and melancholy which touched the hearts of the people with a feeling of sympathy and love. There was an indescribable and irresistible pathos in his voice, manner, and general appearance which melted audiences to tears and moved hearts long hardened by sin to repentance at the appeal of the gospel." He preached where an opportunity was given him. He preached in schoolhouses, under brush arbors, and in log cabins. He baptized hundreds of people and established many congregations in the hill country of Alabama in a short time.

While teaching at Mars Hill he preached every Sunday, often three times on Sunday, and during vacation he devoted his entire time to evangelistic work. After closing his school at Mars Hill in 1887, he gave his entire time to preaching the gospel. His field of labor increased and the calls for his services multiplied until he had much more work than he could possibly do. Perhaps he preached more sermons to more hearers and baptized more people than any other preacher of his day. He traveled extensively and preached in Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Arizona, New Mexico, California, Arkansas, and Washington, D. C. He preached "from Maine to Mexico and from Canada to Cuba." His program for preaching was twice every day and three times every Sunday. His longest meeting was conducted at Sherman, Texas. This meeting began on January 3, 1894, and closed on June 7, five months and four days. During this meeting he preached three hundred and thirty-three sermons, preaching twice every day and three times every Sunday; and there were more than two hundred additions to the church during the meeting. His next longest meeting was conducted at Los Angeles, Calif. This meeting began on January 3, 1895, and closed on April 17, three months and fourteen days. In this meeting he followed his usual program of preaching twice every day and three times on Sundays; and there were one hundred and twenty persons baptized during the meeting.

Brother Larimore was kind and gentle in his manner and very pleasing in his address. It was not his style or disposition to engage in controversy or to be offensive in his preaching. He chose his subject and presented it in a simple, straightforward way without turning aside to notice any religious error. He preached the truth with earnestness and clearness and said little or nothing about any of the popular religious errors of the day. He was an eloquent speaker, with music and charm in the well chosen phraseology with which he clothed the thoughts which he gleaned from the Book of God. All who heard him loved him and felt that it was good to hear him.

He wrote no books, and yet a number of books have been written about him. These books are as follows: "Larimore and His Boys," "Letters and Sermons of T. B. Larimore" (three volumes), and "Maine to Mexico and Canada to Cuba." All of these books breathe the gentle spirit of the great man whose life and work inspired them. They are rich in spiritual blessings to those who may read them.

Brother Larimore died on March 18, 1929, in Santa Ana, Calif. He was in his eighty-sixth year. Brother Larimore still lives in the hearts of thousands whom he taught the word of God and encouraged to live faithful to God. He left his imprint on his students and all who listened earnestly to his preaching. In a few things he excelled most men, and in many other things he was the peer. The world is better and happier because T. B. Larimore lived in it.

From Biographical Sketches Of Gospel Preachers, H. Leo Boles, Gospel Advocate, c. 1932, pages 332-336

Last Photo of T.B. & Emma Larimore, November, 1928

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Mars Hill Church Building, Florence, Alabama
Building Built In 1904 Specifically For The Preaching Of T.B. Larimore

Gospel Advocate, 11.24.1870, page 1106

Chronology On The Life Of T.B. Larimore

Mary Larimore, mother of Nancy, and grandmother of TBL is born

Birth of Philemon Gresham, father of Esther Gresham

Birth of Nancy Larimore, mother of TBL

Theophilus Brown Larimore, born in the hill country of East Tennessee county of Jefferson.

Julia Esther Gresham, born near Florence, Alabama on Gresham farm

Philemon Gresham, father of Esther, dies at home near Florence. Buried in Gresham Cemetery

Family moves to Sequatchie County, TN - Dunlap

TBL Living in Dunlap, he walked three miles to school, three days per week for a five month session. The other days he was put on a farm to learn to plow, with an old bay pony named Granny. After school was out he worked from Monday morning until Saturday night when he would come home.

TBL said "I got $4 a month from early spring till 'craps were laid by.' I changed from renting to hiring, going to free school ten or twelve weeks each year, tillIcould get-did get- $6 per month," LAHB, p.54

Emma Page is born near Donelson, Tennessee, (GA, July, 2007, p.19)

TBL at Mossey Creek Baptist College, N.B. Goforth, president (LAHB, p.68) Jefferson City, Tennessee / "Completed the course at Mossy Creek College, and received a diploma, having made a record as one of the best students ever enrolled there." (LLASOTBL, p.10)

TBL attends Purdy University, Purdy, McNairy County, Tennessee

TBL Served in the Confederacy, enlisted under General Wheeler.

TBL at Battle of Fishing Creek, Pulaski & Wayne Counties, Kentucky (or the Battle of Mill Springs)

TBL at the battle of Shiloh, Hardin County, Tennessee

Esther Gresham baptized by Robert Usery, (LAHB, p.220) (Grave marker records her baptism 10.21.1959.

Family Moves to Hopkinsville, Ky. Cuts and hauls wood for a dollar and a quarter per load. His mother is a member of the Christian church, and moves her letter to the church in Ky. Meets B.S. Campbell. Spends night learning from a Presbyterian minister, and gets a position as teacher in a Hopkinsville Female Academy. Leaves end of summer.

TBL's 21st birthday, confession taken by brother B.C. Campbell, baptized by Elder Hopper in Little River at Hopkinsville, Ky (LLASOTBL, p.316)

TBL's first public talk in a prayer meeting from second chapter in James, (LAHB, p.90) Tells about preparation for it (LLASOTBL, p.13)

TBL's second public talk in prayer meeting on Luke 6:17-49

TBL made an address in a Sunday-school meeting.

TBL preached talk at a Lord's Day meeting from Romans 12:1. (LAHB, p.90)

TBL preached his first sermon on Luke 12:13-29, at the close of which one came forward to make the good confession, a Miss Editha Ritter, (LAHB, p.90) Says it was Luke 12:20,21 in (LLASOTBL, p.14)

TBL Enters Franklin College, near Nashville, Tennessee — Tolbert Fanning became a great hero to TBL the rest of his life

TBL helped secure funds for a meetinghouse for the church in Huntsville, Alabama — A common practice of his through his more than sixty-two years of work, (LLASOTBL, p.247)

TBL preaches at Burnetts Chapel, Davidson County, Tn,, fellow college mate, C.G. Payton of Hart County, Ky, makes the good confession. Does not baptize him (by Payton's request) until they go back to Hart County home where TBL baptizes him into Christ on 6.16. This is TBL's first baptism. (LAHB, p.91)

TBL graduates from Franklin College with honors, delivers the valedictory speech at combined Hope Institute/Franklin College graduation.

TBL preaches his first funeral, 6 week old baby of a sister Sinclair near Thompson's station.

TBL preaches at Cathey's Creek, Maury County, and "told 'em all I know." He was given $25, and invited to come again.

TBL travels with R.B. Trimble doing protracted meetings in Maury, Hickman and adjoining counties in middle Tennessee (LAHB, p.91)

Early in year
TBL moves to Mountain Home, Alabama to teach in a college started by J.M. Pickens (LAHB, p.94)

TBL Evangelized through North Alabama with John Taylor

TBL plants the Bethelberry church of Christ in Lauderdale County (according to their church records)

TBL meets F.D. Srygley and F.B. Srygley at Rock Creek, Alabama (F.B. Srygley recalled that it was the second Sunday in July, 1867 when he was eight years old he (TBL) was 24 — LLASOTBL, p.378, but he was mistaken, as it was not until the following year.

TBL marries Esther Gresham near Florence, Alabama (Esther was a rather tall woman, 5'10.25" averaged weight of 145 lbs.) (LAHB, p.220) J.M. Pickens presides at the ceremony

TBL resumes teaching at Mountain Home School

TBL moves to Kendrick, Tennessee to teach for next six months at Mansell Kendrick's school. (LAHB, p.95)

TBL moves to Stantonville, Tennessee to educate for next ten months (in the home of Gen. J.H. Meeks) (LLASOTBL, p.53)

TBL built house at Mars Hill, by Theophilus Brown Larimore and his wife, Esther Gresham Larimore, as a home and educational center. Near site of foundry and arsenal of War Between The States, it served as a school, 1871-1887, to train ministers and Christian workers of the Church of Christ.

TBL starts church at Collierville, Tennessee, preaching with 81 additions. From there to Antioch church, Lauderdale County, Alabama (52 additions) (LAHB, p.185)

TBL moves to Gresham farm to begin Mars Hill school near Florence. (LAHB, p.95) Session began in January and ended in June (6 mos annually) (LAHB, p.138)

TBL's first meeting at Lewisburg, Tennessee, believed it to be his first big challenge as work had been exhausted by the efforts of some of the brotherhood's greatest,T.W. Brents, E.G. Sewell, others. His success was small, but he felt it to be good. (LAHB, p.196)

TBL preached meeting at Pocahontas, Tenn., with only two ladies who were members. Baptized 32. Of which Bro. M.H. Northcross was baptized. (LAHB, p.185)

TBL preached at Cloverpoint, now Greenwood, TN. It had only 3 members. Before beginning one of the members said, "you can do nothing here now-you have come too late." Within 10 days there were 61 additions. (LAHB, p.186)

Birth of T.B. "Toppie" Larimore

TBL's sister Molly marries R.P. Meeks— both teach at Mars Hill until 1875

On Sunday evening, TBL delivers an address before Memphis and Shelby County Bible Society at the First Presbyterian church on the subject, "God and the Bible."

TBL delivers a sermon at Linden St. church in Memphis where David Walk preached. 20 conversions.

TBL determines to start a publication, and turn the college into a university (LAHB, p.194,195) Desires that the publication be free of charge, funding to be raised by wealthy brethren.

Emma Page is a student at Tolbert Fanning's Hope Institute when he dies in 1874.

TBL baptizes F.D. Srygley (West, p.324)

First edition of publication was a 24-page 5x8" tract. Begins with a production and distribution of 5000, and ultimately reached 20,000. Paper was called, "Faith, Hope, Love, Mercy, Peace, Truth." (LAHB, p.192)

By this time the college included 600 acres of land, more than 20 houses, good collection of school furniture, all of which valued at $30,000. (LAHB, p.99)

R.P. Meeks finished his course at Mars Hill College

TBL makes trip to Georgia, Florida & South Alabama, through to New Orleans and home by Jan to start teaching, in order to raise money for the building of the university and funding the paper. (LAHB, p.196)

TBL's meeting at Lewisburg — 51 responses (LAHB, p.197), also one the following summer with thirty additions to the church.

TBL's meeting at Mooresville, - 11 additions

Mary Larimore, grandmother of TBL dies at Dunlap, Tennessee

TBL begins writing for the Gospel Advocate — only writes 3 articles

TBL performs wedding ceremony for F.D. Srygley and a young student by the name of Ella F. Parkhill, a sixteen year old student of Mars Hill.

E.A. Elam comes to Mars Hill to teach for one year.

TBL's meetings at Pinewood, Tennessee — 35 additions; followed by Valhermosa Springs, Morgan cty., Alabama — 39 additions; also at Cathey's Creek, Maury County, TN, with 25 additions.

TBL started Bethel church in Lauderdale Cty., Alabama, also that year began the Macedonia church by converting an entire Baptist church to N.T. Christianity. Goes to Hot Springs, Ark. to take advantage of hot pools in view of "nervous prostration and general debility caused from overwork." (LAHB, p.199), Preached meeting in Little Rock, little response. Preached a successful meeting in Paris, Texas.

Mary Dedie Larimore, TBL's first child, was baptized by his hands.

TBL's first great meeting in Nashville, Tennessee — 30 days, 60 sermons, 75 responses

TBL teaching at Mars Hill College Each school year was from January to June. The rest of the year in preaching

Preaches in country around Mars Hill. One at Moulton, Lawrence County, — 40 responses; Hartselle, Morgan County — 20 responses (LAHB, p.203)

Mars Hill School is abandoned for the evangelistic field. After 16 years of existence. Srygley wrote of Larimore's mentality, "Mars Hill College never failed; but was abandoned because a wider field of usefulness opened before him." (LAHB, p.142)

TBL celebrates his 44th birthday.

TBL's meeting at South Nashville, - Six week meeting with 126 additions

TBL baptizes his fourth son, William Herschell

TBL baptizes his first son (second child), Granville Lipscomb Larimore and his son Theophilus Brown the same day

TBL goes to Cincinnati, Ohio to attend an expo

Early in year
TBL's Fort Smith, Arkansas meeting — One month meeting with 50 additions

TBL's Meeting at Floyd & Chestnut Street church in Louisville, Kentucky — one month meeting — 44 additions. He had never preached so far north. He was compared with Hopson, Lard, and as an orator, even Henry Clay (LAHB, p.208)

TBL's Sherman, Texas meeting for one month (LAHB, p.208) — 50 additions. Returned to Mars Hill, preached two-week meeting at Mars Hill (3 of his children were baptized) (LAHB, p.90)

TBL writes letter of acceptance to move to Louisville, Ky, (LAHB, p.211,212)

Late in year
TBL preaches among churches in Middle Tennessee. TBL estimated that the calls for meetings in 1888 were between 360 and 500 requests.

TBL's tour to Arkansas to preach (LAHB, p.209)

TBL moves to Louisville, Ky — Floyd and Chestnut Street church.

TBL holds meeting at Lexington, Ky, Selina Campbell, aged 90, in attendance — (LASOTBL II, p.51)
F.D. Srygley finishes preface for Larimore And His Boys

Two-month meeting at Pearl & Bryan church in Dallas, Texas — 73 additions

Makes a visit to his old alma-mater, Franklin College

TBL declines offer to become superintendent of the Nashville Bible School

Third Edition — Larimore And His Boys released

TBL's meeting with Campbell Street church in Louisville — 108 additions

TBL's meeting at Mars Hill — L&N railroad brings people in from surrounding communities to attend. This meeting took place every summer the second Sunday in August for 40 years. (TMFMH, p.83)

TBL's meeting at Sherman, Texas, 22 weeks and one day. 333 sermons, 254 additions (Longest protracted meeting of TBL) TBL's Description of it in (LASOTBL II, p.57) TBL baptizes 7 ½ year old Batsell Baxterduring this meeting (LLASOTBL, p.314)

TBL has six-week meeting at Huntsville — (GA, 4.11.1929, p.350)

TBL's meeting at Los Angeles, California, three months, 14 days, twice daily & three times on Sunday — 120 baptisms (Second longest protracted meeting by TBL)

TBL's first child to marry, Mary Delilah "Dedie" — 3pm (LASOTBL, p.319,320)

May — Sept.
TBL is sick, at home — (LASOTBL, p.130)

End of Jan.
TBL's meeting at South College Street Church, Nashville, Tenn. — Sermons from this meeting were put in a book later that year and released by F.D. Srygley under the title "Letters and Sermons of T.B. Larimore." Note: it would be his last book to produce, as F.D.S. died August 1st of that year.

TBL preaches the funeral of F.D. Srygley, burial at Mount Olivet in Nashville, Tennessee

Emma Page records many of TBL's sermons in shorthand, with no idea of ever publishing them. (GA, July, 2007, p.19)

Death of Nancy Larimore, TBL's mother, at Stantonville, TN — buried at Clear Creek, N.B. Hardeman preaches funeral (NBH, p.301)

Preaches meeting in Weatherford, Texas

Death of T.B. "Toppie" Larimore during an operation in Nashville

J.A. Harding takes lead in raising money for a church building at Mars Hill

TBL preaches at Gunter Bible College, Gunter, Texas

Letters And Sermons of T.B. Larimore, edited by Emma Page is released by McQuiddy Publishing Company. These were a consortium of sermons and letters J.C. McQuiddy had asked Emma to follow him while in the Nashville area, and take the sermons down in shorthand. Little did she know that seven years later, she would be his wife.

Church building built at Mars Hill, completed

TBL delivers the graduation sermon at Nashville Bible School

TBL's meeting at Iron City, TN. Train brought in by L & N. 600 people present for Sunday service.

The New Christian Hymn Book. Compiled by T. B. Larimore and W. J. Kirkpatrick. Nashville: McQuiddy Printing Company, 1907. [adopted 1913]

Death of Julia Esther Gresham Larimore. R.P. Meeks, J.C. McQuiddey and E.A. Elam preach the funeral. (LASOTBL V.III, P.147)

TBL in Toronto, Canada for a meeting — (J.W. Shepherd, "Miscellany," GA, 1907, p.661

TBL in Denton, Texas, TBL delivers address to Young Men's Literary Societies of the Texas State normal School (LLASOTBL p.217)

"Children's Corner" by Emma Page begins appearing in the Gospel Advocate (GA, July, 2007, p.19)

Meeting at Glendale, Murray, KY

TBL accepts presidency of Larimore University, Cookeville, TN on condition name be changed to Dixie University

TBL's letter to Gospel Advocate from Louisville telling the brotherhood that his arm (in a cast for five months) is healed.

Letters And Sermons Published — transcriptions by Emma Page.

TBL marries Emma Page in Nashville, Tennessee. Makes a visit to California to see daughter Ettie and her husband F.E. White in Fresno. (LLASOTBL, p.20)

The Larimores begin a preaching tour that took them from "Maine to Mexico," and "from Canada to Cuba." — lasted most of 1911. Tour recorded in Our Corner Book. By Emma Page Larimore

TBL delivers a lecture at the Young Mens' Literary Societies of Texas State Normal school, (LLASOTBL, 217)

TBL begins meeting at Cookeville, Tennessee. Said he planned to stay, "till dogwoods bloom." Church building not ready, goes to California

TBL resigns presidency of Dixie University.

TBL suffers a train wreck with Emma while on trip to Florida. TBL suffers broken ribs, and Emma some bruising.

TBL conducts two-week meeting at Centerville, Tenn.

TBL in Gainesville, Florida — publishes "Our Florida Friend." Tries to establish a school there. Because of land problems, school is closed.

TBL preaches at commencement exercises of NTN & B.C., Henderson, TN (N.B.H. p.122)

T.B. Larimore joins the staff of N.T.N. & B.C. to head the Bible Department during the 1915,16 session, and also serves as regular preacher for the Henderson church (A.G. Freed, GA, 5.16.1929, p.461 / Also, B.C. Goodpasture, GA, 5.6.1920)

Between mid Nov & mid Dec., spends a month in Sequatchie Valley where he enjoys the time of revisiting the land of his youth. (LLASOTBL, p.82ff)

TBL joins editorial staff of Gospel Advocate

TBL moves to California

TBL moves to Berkeley and preached for congregation in San Francisco, preached through the summer all over California (GA, 2.5.1920, p.144)
Report by SR Cassius that the Larimores assist in planting the work among the blacks of Northern California in the city of Oakland (GA 1.21.1920, p.66,67)

TBL evangelizes back throughout Tennessee and Alabama

TBL starts congregation in Berkeley (LLASOTBL, p.21)

TBL goes to Washington, D.C. for a meeting. Urged to stay, and does for three years. Stays there three years, the longest with any one church, (LLASOTBL, p.22)
Preaches meetings at Cookeville, and Bell Buckle, Tennessee

80th Birthday

TBL begins writing "Word From Washington" as a regular column in the Gospel Advocate

TBL conducts meetings at Hurricane Mills, Tenn.; Henderson, Tenn.; Nashville, TN

81st Birthday — TBL is sick and resting in the home of Emma's sister, Mrs. Hamilton in Nashville, Tennessee (LLASOTBL, p.339)

TBL almost develops pneumonia — returns to Washington

TBL resigns from Washington Church and returns to Berkeley, California
Address: 1427 Grove St., Berkeley, California (GA 12.17.1925, p.1208)

TBL begins Column in the Gospel Advocate, "Greetings from the Golden Gate"

TBL celebrates his 83rd birthday — at Sequoia National Park (LLASOTBL, p.341)

TBL speaks on the radio for the first time

TBL solicits money for the building of the church building at Berkeley

Berkely church begins occupancy of new church building at Berkeley that TBL helped secure funds to build. (LLASOTBL, p.22)

TBL moves to Santa Ana. Begins preaching at Fullerton

TBL conducts meeting at Broadway and Walnut church in Santa Ana

TBL conducts meeting with Santa Ana, ends on 8th.

84th birthday — speaks of it in LLOSOTBL, p.345.

TBL changes name of his GA column to "Greetings From The Golden West"

TBL meets Foy E. Wallace, Jr. for the first time.

TBL conducts meeting at Fullerton ends on the 29th — baptizes tow young girls, Marguerite and Lois Wheeler, Lois being the last person he ever baptized — (LLASOTBL, p.341)

TBL's son Herschell dies in a tragic car accident near Florence, Alabama (LLASOTBL, p.26) TBL hears of it in California and is heart-broken

TBL conducts meeting at Sichel Street church, Los Angeles, CA. Closed on November 25. Stayed to visit with church on Sunday, the 2nd.

Larimores met with Sichel Street church expecting to hear E.C. Fuqua, but at Fuqua and others request TBL preached on Jude 3 "one of his favorite texts." (LLASOTBL p.24) — preached that night on Matthew 27:23 — the last sermon he ever preached.

TBL wrote a plan to help the church at Fullerton for building a church building. Never had an opportunity to present it. (LLASOTBL, p.247)

TBL returned home from L.A. both T.B. and Emma had enfluenza.

TBL weakened by flu, falls and breaks hip. About 11am, he walks out to the garage, slips and falls.

TBL returns home from Santa Ana Valley Hospital

Sunday, a gloomy day with overcast skies. TBL was down, which was not normal for him. (LLASOTBL, p.26)

Monday, TBL woke feeling much better, 9:30am, dies at home during therapy, in his 85th year. Buried at Fairhaven Memorial Park, Santa Ana, California

Funeral for TBL at the Broadway Street church of Christ. O.B. Curtis led singing, S.E. Witty read Hebrews 11:1-10, and made a few remarks, E.C. Fuqua led prayer. Burial at Fairhaven Memorial Park in Santa Ana.

Memorial issue of the Gospel Advocate to TBL, tributes pour in from all over, spilling into next two issues

Life, Letters & Sermons of T.B. Larimore is published by Emma Page Larimore from shorthand notes she had taken from sermons he preached before she knew him personally. (LLASOTBL- p.19,20)

Death of Emma Page Larimore, buried at Santa Ana by her husband at Fairhaven Memorial Park.

Mars Hill Bible School is re-established on the grounds of the old Mars Hill Bible College

July 11
The Mars Hill Mansion in Florence, Alabama that stood for almost 150 years burned to the ground by an arsonist.



LASOTBL — Letters And Sermons Of T.B. Larimore, by F.D. Srygley
LASOTBL II — Letters And Sermons Of T.B. Larimore, edited by Emma Page
LAHB — Larimore And His Boys, F.D. Srygley
LLASOTBL — Life, Letters, and Sermons of T.B. Larimore, by Mrs. T.B. Larimore
TMFMH - The Man From Mars Hill, The Life And Times Of T.B. Larimore, by J.M. Powell
West — The Search For The Ancient Order, Vol. 2 — Earle I. West
NBH — N.B. Hardeman Biography, by J.M. Powell
GA — Gospel Advocate

Special Thanks to Tom L. Childers for his part in the production of this chronology.
Produced by Scott Harp

Directions To Grave

T.B. & his second wife Emma, are buried in Santa Ana, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. I was able to visit the Larimore grave plot on April 11, 2002, on my way to the south Pacific island of Tutuila, American Samoa for evangelistic work. Terry Straight and I found the grave located at Fairhaven Cemetery, not far off the Garden Grove Freeway. Since I came in from Los Angeles International Airport, I will give directions from there.

From LAX head east on Century Blvd. Go about 2 miles and you will come to where you can see I-405 straight ahead, but you will need to turn right on S. La Cienega Blvd. Then take the south ramp to I-405 headed toward Long Beach. You will travel about 24 miles on I-405. After entering Orange County, take CA-22 East, the (Garden Grove Freeway). Go about 11.5 miles, just past I-5, take the Glassell Street/Grand Ave. Exit 16. Turn right, and immediately get into you left lane to turn left on Fairhaven Ave. Go about 1/2 mile and you will see Fairhaven Cemetery on the right.

Fairhaven Cemetery
1702 East Fairhaven Ave.
Santa Ana, California
Office Phone # (714) 633-1442

The beautiful old cemetery, founded in 1911, was just a few years old when Larimore died. It is one of the most beautiful parks I've seen. There are over 100 different types of trees, from all over the world. When entering the park you will see the office just on the left hand side. Travel straight ahead, bearing to the right travel between Lawn L and M. Just after Lawn M is Lawn P on the right hand side. Travel to the center of the P section and stop. The Larimore plot is central to the section, very near the street. The plot is located at Lawn P - Plot 89-4. Get Cemetery map here!

While at this cemetery be sure to visit the grave of one of Emma Page's nephews, who was also a great gospel preacher in the Santa Ana area, James Harding Sewell, Sr.

GPS Location
T.B. Larimore
N 33˚ 46.243' x W 117˚ 50.624'
Emma Page Larimore
N 33˚ 46.245' x W 117˚ 50.621'
Grave Faces East
Accuracy To 12ft.
or D.d 33.770907009977435, -117.84352093935013

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Larimore's Lifelong Wishes Were To Be Cremated, But At The End He
Relented To Family Wishes And Was Buried At Santa Ana

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