History of the Restoration Movement

Schools Of The Restoration Movement

Education has always been the determination of man's potential in life. The knowledge of God and His will has been man's greatest challenge. Such knowledge directs his steps. There would be no restoration of New Testament Christianity without education. Men and women of yesteryear committed to God and the Bible have shown that education gives people the tools to make good choices in life. Leaders in the Restoration Movement planted schools in many places. While few have survived, many of these schools should be remembered for their contributions to cause of Christ. With just a little research one will find that areas where churches of Christ are strongest generally point to the success of a school of some kind in the area dedicated to training church workers in the ministry. This website is dedicated to the memory and appreciation of schools both now and in the past that contributed greatly to the growth and development of New Testament Christianity. This list is not exhaustive, and the site will continue to grow over a period of time.

Highland Home College, Highland Home, Alabama
Mars Hill Bible College, Florence, Alabama
Burritt College, Spencer, Tennessee

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