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Guy Irving Renfro


Obituary for G.I. Renfro

Guy Irving Renfro, a preacher and a teacher of the gospel for about seventy years, died October 29, 1972, at the age of eighty-eight.

He was born at Hardyville, Ky., September 4, 1884. He was educated at Potter Bible College, Bowling Green, Ky., 1904-1908. He began teaching at Western Bible and Literary College, Odessa, Mo., 1908-1909. He came to Alabama and taught at Highland Home College 1909-1916, at Barnes School for Boys in Montgomery 1918-1919, and at David Lipscomb College 1919-1920.

In 1910, while teaching at Highland Home he began preaching for the churches at Strata, in lower Montgomery County, an at Industry in Butler County and he preached for them almost continuously more than sixty years. During these years he preached also in many other places throughout central and southern Alabama.

On September 13, 1911, he married Eunice Davis who was his wonderful helpmeet for forty-eight years, until her death. He is survived by two daughters: Audrey Renfro of Louisville, Ky., and Mrs. Constance Fulmer of Montgomery, Ala., one son, Guy L. Renfro, Gadsden, Tenn., one brother, Bernice Renfro, Louisville, Ky., one grandson, Guy Joe Renfro, a student at David Lipscomb College and four granddaughters: Mrs. Antha R. Taylor of Eufuala, Ala., Dr. Constance M. Fulmer who teaches at David Lipscomb College, Nashville; Mrs. Eunice F. Wells, Bowling Green, Ky., and Clydetta Fulmer of Montgomery, Ala.

He was a reader of the Gospel Advocate for almost all of his life. He accomplished much good and was well known and loved for his many years of faithful service for the Lord.

Funeral services and burial were in Montgomery, Ala., on November 1, 1972.

Clyde E. Fulmer.

Gospel Advocate, March 22, 1973, page 191.

Obituary for Eunice Davis Renfro

Eunice Davis Renfro was born October 20, 1887, the daughter of Joel Davis and Leona Sanderson Davis. Her father was a plantation owner and a gospel preacher. She was reared in Highland Home, Ala., where her father moved his family so that they would have the advantages of the college operated by J. M. Barnes and Samuel Jordan. On September 13, 1911, she married Guy Irving Renfro, one of the professors of the Highland Home College from which she graduated.

Eunice Davis Renfro

He is a faithful gospel preacher. Besides her husband, Mrs. Renfro is survived by her daughter, Mrs. Constance R. Fulmer, and a son, Guy L. Renfro, and five grandchildren, Connie, Eunice and Clydetta Fulmer, Antha and Guy Joel Renfro. She died October 19, after an illness of five months, and on her seventy-second birthday. On October 20 her body was laid to rest in Greenwood Cemetery in Montgomery, Ala. The writer, her son-in-law, conducted the service. Mrs. Renfro was an outstanding Christian woman. She loved the Lord devoutly. She loved the Bible, its study, its teaching and preaching. The church was always first in her thinking and life. Her faith was firm and unwavering, never sacrificing a principle for any cause. She was pure in heart, life and speech. The Christian virtues were hers, especially in love, kindness, tenderness, forgiveness and self-forgetfulness. She was industrious and peace-loving, and exemplified the qualities of a worthy woman of Prov. 31, being always a devoted and capable wife and mother. From before their birth, she began to plan and to work that her children might have the advantages of a Christian education. Both of them attended David Lipscomb College and Harding College. She believed in Christian education and was happy that all of her grandchildren are in Christian schools. Never have I seen one who came so near practicing Deut. 6:6-8 in teaching diligently Gods word to her children, to her grandchildren and wherever she went. Her children rise up, and call her blessed: her husband, also, and he praiseth her. She lived quietly and served humbly, with her husband near Montgomery for almost fifty years. With a calm faith and a serene spirit, she came to the close of life here, as one who had lived as Abraham, a pilgrim and stranger traveling to that city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God. Her works follow after her: her example is ever before us whose lives were so abundantly blessed through her wonderful Christian influence.

Clyde E. Fulmer, Gospel Advocate, March 3, 1960, page 143. / Note: This is a timed piece. Some of those enlisted as living are now deceased.

Guy and Eunice Renfro

Guy Irving Renfro, 1950s
courtesy of Clydette Fulmer, granddaughter, 03.04.2013
click on photo for closeup

Eunice Davis Renfro, 1950s
courtesy of Clydette Fulmer, granddaughter, 03.04.2013
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Directions To The Grave of Guy Irving Renfro

G.I. Renfro is buried in the beautiful Greenwood Cemetery in Montgomery, Alabama. Just east of central Montgomery, take I-85 to Exit 3, Ann St. Exit, and go north. Go five streets to Highland and turn right. Go to the stop sign and you will be facing the entrance to Greenwood Cemetery. Enter the cemetery and go to the top of the hill. As you go up the hill you will bear to your left at the second turn. Continue up the hill bearing to your left until you dead end into Section One. Turn right and note that Section 4 is on your right. Bro. Renfro's grave is located in the center of Section 4 in the Renfro/Fulmer Section. His son-in-law, Clyde E. Fulmer is buried in the same plot. Other preachers of note buried at Greenwood are J.M. Barnes, and Rex A. Turner, Sr and other preachers. See a fuller list here.

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In Section 4 - Looking Northeast - Renfro/Fulmer Plot In Center of Photo

Looking to Northwest - Renfro Family on this side and the Fulmer family on the other

Looking East, The Fulmers On This Side And Renfro Family On The Other

A Minister of The Gospel - Clyde E. Fulmer - January 15, 1912 - March 27, 1981 - Gentle Unto All, Apt To Teach, Patient
A devoted wife, mother, teacher - Constance Renfro Fulmer - June 20, 1912 - January 6, 2001 - She Hath Done What She Could
Daughter and Son-In-Law of Guy and Ludie Renfro

Guy Luck Renfro
October 14, 1915
August 19, 1991
He studied to shw himself approved of God
Son of Guy and Ludie Renfro

Devoted wife and mother
Iantha Bradford Renfro
October 9, 1916
January 20, 1967
Words of Kindness Were On Her Lips
Daughter-In-Law if Guy and Ludie Renfro

Beloved wife, mother, grandmother
Eunice Davis Renfro
October 20, 1887
October 19, 1959
Here Children Rise Up And Call Her Blessed

Veteran Teacher and Preacher
"Big Daddy"
Guy Irving Renfro
September 4, 1884
October 29, 1972
For Me And My House, We Will Serve The Lord

Photos Taken 03.05.2013
Page produced on 03.15.2013
Courtesy of Scott Harp
-Photos made available by Clydetta Fulmer, Pintlala Historical Association, Vol. XX, Number 4, October, 2006, pages 5-10

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