History of the Restoration Movement

Peter Benton May


Ligon Portraiture Photo

Gospel Preacher & Attorney At Law In Southern Indiana

Obituary exists in The Vigo County, Indiana Public Library
The Trib. 9.23.1946, page 2

Directions To The Grave of P.B. May

The May family burial ground is locate in the Green Hill Cemetery in Bedford, Indiana. The cemetery is located on 1202 18th Steet, Bedford. From the entrance, go down the hill and up the next. Take the second left and bear around. Look to your left for the Dr. Benjamin Newland plot. Then begin looking to the right. The May plot will be about three rows in. While in the cemetery, another grave of interest is that of Dr. Benjamin Newland, (Find-A-Grave) murderer of the gospel preacher, Madison Evans. Benjamin was the cousin of J.W. Newland, long-time preacher of the Christian Church in Bedford. Both were doctors in the city. Also buried in the cemetery was J.M. Mathes.

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John Wesley - 1824 - 1904
Susan Carr - 1840 - 1922

Mary Kay
March 9, 1900
October 10, 1972

Peter Benton - May 1, 1864 - September 24, 1946
Estella Gertrude - December 6, 1875 - February 16, 1942

Photos Taken May 22, 2012
Courtesy of Scott Harp

Web Editor's Note: On May 22, 2012 I visited the grave of P. B. May. It was the second day of a week's Restoration Research trip with my dear friend Tom L. Childers. May's grave was in the cemetery at Bedford, Indiana. It was a very busy day as we were making our way to Indianapolis to spend the evening with our dear friend Terry J. Gardner. Special thanks to Tom for doing the driving on this trip.

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