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Volney Thomazine Trimble


Autobiographical Sketch

I, Volney Trimble, was born on January 9, 1855. My father was James Trimble, my mother was Emily Willyard Ketner Trimble. My grandfathers were Moses Trimble and Daniel Willyard. My grandmothers were Mary Bessie Trimble and Mary Ledford Willyard.

On February 15, 1877 I married Anna Snipes. Our children were James J. (jr.), Dessie F., Ora A., Bex A., Sampson O., Rufus A., Emma Belle and Scott S. Trimble. All to this date, March 14, 1924, but Dessie F. and Ora A., are living.

I went into the Church of Christ on sixth day of May, 1877, at Liberty. Soon after that I cast my little lot at Briner Springs; have seen it flourish at times, then die at last.

My old neighbors and friends, I have been with you a long while, but the parting must come. I have worked with you and tried to work for you. My imperfections were in abundance; I made many mistakes. You and I being human alike, let's forgive each other for whatever offense may have come. I feel like now, near the sunset of life, I have among you some warm friends. I feel like I need you while I live, but you can do without me. And, as I will soon be out of your way, I pray, if I have damaged you in any way, will you please forgive me.

To you among whom I have done preaching: we passed over some years and hills. I left my work, my interest at home and the family, to try in my weakness to reach your place and fill my appointment. I, no doubt, made failures in attempts to preach. I may have pleased some, but I have met severe criticisms not only of some outside the Church, but of some brethren; and it may have been deserving.

Now I am out of your way. I will not impose on you again. I cannot ask you to feed by old faithful horse that used to carry me through mud and slush. I have stayed my last night in your home, eaten my last dinner with you, and must say my last good-bye now.

To my children - the 5 sons and a daughter: we are a broken family and I cannot recall to see you all back at the old home again. You went out to do business for yourselves. I tried four long years to hold the old homestead after your mother died. I could not avoid the sadness of her, and you all home, me in solitary loneliness and a hundred times in tears. Did you ever think of me? No doubt you did. I could in my imagination hear your little feet as you prattled over the floor, but it was only in the good old days that were gone. I was sad and alone! Try to hope, children, that I am gone to a Better Home. Will you try to meet me in the Better Land? God in his rich provision has paved a way for us to go to the Better Land. Off of that paved way we are treading on very unholy ground! One Savior, one Body (His Church), one Bible, one law of entering this one Church, one law of living in His Church, The Church on earth is Christ's body (here now). When we get into Christ's body we are in Christ. In the Body is the blood of Christ; in the Body is the Spirit. Out, we are out of Christ and his Body we are out of any promise of being saved.

Now this is not my sophistry; this is Paul. See. Col. 1:18-24, Eph. 5:24. With these facts before us, take warning what you connect yourselves with! Christ built his Church: other people built theirs. But let Christ have your preferences, praise and prayers in all you think and do.

Added After His Departure. - On November 3, 1927 he was united in marriage to Clara F. Nevitt. They spent a short, but happy life together. She and the children survive. His last illness was of short duration, having taken ill the night of February 27. His condition soon becoming serious, he was rushed to St. Edwards Hospital, March 4, where he underwent a very serious operation from which he seemed to rally for a time, but, becoming dangerously ill, Wednesday night, he passed away Thursday at 3:30 p.m., aged 74 years, a month and 26 days. All that loving hands could do for him was done throughout his illness; but God, who does all things best, thought best to call him to a Better Home.

Dear Husband and Father, O how we will miss you from among us, your dear face no more on earth to see! But we mourn not as those who have no hope, for we know that you (like Paul) fought a good fight and kept the faith; henceforth there is laid up for you a Crown of Righteousness which the Lord (the Righteous Judge) shall give you in That Day, also to all them who love the Lord's appearing. And we, dear one, will try to meet you in a Better Land where death and sorrow will never come, where there will be no more pain or crying, for God shall wipe away all tears from our eyes, and we shall live in a home of Eternal Bliss and Happiness throughout Eternity.

Funeral at Moores Ridge, conducted by Elder Omer Porter; body laid to rest till the Resurrection. -Mrs. Trimble. -Submitted by Tom Agan.

-Springs Valley Herald (April 18, 1929) Autobiography
-Source: Genealogy.com

Obituary For V.T. Trimble

Rev. Volney T. Trimble, well known Christian Church pastor who has served congregations in Orange County for a number of years, died Thursday, March 7, at the St. Edwards Hospital in New Albany. Rev. Trimble was 74 years old at the time of his death.

Rev. Trimble was the son of Mr. and Mrs. James J. Trimble and was born in Orange County January 9, 1855. He married Miss Anne Snipes. To this union eight children were born, of which six survive him. Following the death of his first wife, Rev. Trimble married Miss Clara Nesbit of Tell City, Ind., who also survives.

Rev. Trimble was a resident of the Moores Ridge neighborhood for a number of years, having just recently sold his farm there and moved to a small farm near Paoli.

Surviving him are the widow; James Trimble of Roberts, Ill.; Bex A. Trimble of Evansville; Samuel O. and Scott S. Trimble of Indianapolis; Rufus of San Francisco and Mrs. Emma Belle Dishion of French Lick. Two children preceded him in death.

Funeral services were held at Moores Ridge Sunday afternoon and were conducted by Rev. Omar Porter of Williams, Ind. The funeral was attended by the largest crowd ever at Moores Ridge, and attested to the many loyal friends and the esteem which they held for Rev. Trimble. Interment followed in the adjoining cemetery.

-TRIMBLE, Volney T., Springs Valley Herald (March 14, 1929) Death Notice
Source: Genealogy.com

Directions To The Grave of Volney Trimble

Volney Trimble is buried in the Moore's Ridge Cemetery, near French Lick in Orange County, Indiana.

From Louisville, Kentucky: Head west on I-64. Take Exit 79/ Hwy. 37 and head north (right). Turn right on Hwy. 145 Go 12.1 miles and turn right on Old State Hwy. Road 145. Then turn right on Co. Road 375S. Go about a mile and the cemetery will be on the left.

From Indianapolis: Take I-65 south to Scottsburg. Take Exit 29B and turn right on Hwy. 56. Heading to Salem, then stay on Hwy. 56 through to Paoli. Head south on Hwy. 37, and turn right on S. Paili Unionsville Rd. Turn right on S. Co. Road 150. Turn left on Co. Road 240 S/S. Log Creek Rd. Turn right on W Co. Road 325. Bear right on Co. Road 350 S. Turn left on Co. Road 310S. Turn left on S. Co. Rd. 500 to W Co. Rd. 375S. The cemetery will be on the right.

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Moore's Ridge Cemetery

Moore's Ridge United Methodist Church

Tom L. Childers at the grave of V.T. Trimble

Volney T. Trimble
January 9, 1855
March 7, 1929
Anna His Wife
November 15, 1858
July 17, 1920
Gone, but not forgotten

Photos Taken May 22, 2012
Courtesy of Scott Harp

Web Editor's Note: On May 22, 2012 I visited the grave of Volney T. Trimble. It was the second day of a week's Restoration Research trip with my dear friend Tom L. Childers. Trimble's grave was the first on a very busy day as we were making our way to Indianapolis to spend the evening with our dear friend Terry J. Gardner. Special thanks to Tom for doing the driving on this trip.

Special thanks to Vicki Connor for info posted on Genealogy.com that helped provide biographical information on this site.
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