History of the Restoration Movement

Charles W. Spencer


Sketch On The Life Of Charles W. Spencer
From The History Of Rush Springs Church of Christ
Rush Springs, Oklahoma

No history of the church in Rush Springs would be complete without a picture of Brother C. W. Spencer and an account of his work, and no account that I could give would do justice to the wonderful man that he was.

Brother Spencer was truly a great pioneer preacher, driving in his horse drawn buggy throughout a wide are of of this part of the country, preaching and teaching. He could be likened to the kind old country doctor of the past generation, going where he was needed and could help, and he asked no wages.

He performed marriages and was requested to preach funerals even after he reached a venerable age.

He was a farmer, and lived in the Acme community with his wife, Gertrude, and their five children, Edmund (Sam), Ellen, O'Leta, Harmon, and Harold.

Brother Spencer was loved sincerely, and the memory of him, and his work, will live in the hearts of his many friends and neighbors through years to come.

-Unpublished Document In The Library Of The Rush Springs Church of Christ, Rush Springs, Oklahoma

Directions To The Grave Of C. W. Spencer

C. W. Spencer is buried in Rush Springs Cemetery, Rush Springs, Oklahoma. Rush Springs is located southwest of Oklahoma City. On I-44 go to Chickasha and take exit 80. Go south on Hwy 81 about 20 miles to Rush Springs. In Rush Springs turn left on W. Blakely St. (Hwy. 17) and go through to the east side of town. Cross the Railroad tracks and turn left on Chestnut Street. The Cemetery will be on the right. Enter the first entrance (not the main entrance) to the cemetery and immediately turn back to the left (South Public Block 1). Go to the end of the block and turn left. The grave is on the SE corner of the section to your right.

GPS Coordinates
Acc. to 17ft.
34°47'04.7"N 97°56'55.4"W
or D.d. 34.784633,-97.948733

Rush Springs Cemetery Entrance

Looking Around The Center Of The Cemetery From E. Chestnut Street

Webmaster's Note: It was my pleasure to visit the grave of C. W. Spencer on Sunday, October 10, 2004. I was traveling with Graham McDonald, missionary to Scotland. He is supported by the good church at Rush Springs. We visited that morning and had lunch together. The brethren there made me aware of the good work that old Brother Spencer did in the area years ago. When it was said that he was buried there in Rush Springs, I suggested that I'd love to visit his grave, and perhaps collect a copy of the information you now see on the site. It was a wet and cool day, but we went out to the cemetery and walked around until we found the grave. It was a great day, and it is wonderful to share information with you about the life and work of C. W. Spencer.

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