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Starke Dupuy, Jr.


Source: Randall Dill

The Life Of Stark Dupuy

Starke was born Feb. 22, 1817, in Kentucky. His parents were Starke Dupuy and Anne Webb. He moved t.o Tennessee with his family, Rev. Starke Dupuy, who was sent to north Mississippi as a Baptist Missionary to the Choctaws and Chickasaws about 1819, from Shelbyville, Kentucky.

Starke Jr. married Rose B. Abingdon Feb. 15, 1838, in Fayette Co. Tennessee. To this union Mary E. Dupuy was born in 1939 in Mississippi. Starke Dupuy was remarried on July 6, 1846 to Sarah Jane Weber in Memphis, Tennessee. To this union five children were born in Marshall County, Mississippi. Starke graduated from the Botanic Medical School in Memphis in 1847. He began practice in an office on Front St. near the river.

Starke was a minister as he signed marriage licenses. Desoto County marriage Record Volume C 1854 to April 1860. Starke Dupuy married a couple 21 Dec. 1854 signed by Starke Dupuy, M.G. Ch. of C.

Dupuy served at the Thyatira church of Christ from 1848 to his death in 1857.

From C. Wayne Kilpatrick, updated by Randall Dill, 11.2019

Directions To The Grave Of Stark Dupuy

Stark Dupuy is buried in a remote area east of Senatobia, Mississippi. Heading east of Senatobia on Hwy. 4, go a few miles. You will pass the Thyatira church of Christ on the left. Continue past the church. Turn right on Aiken Rd. Go about a half-mile, and turn left on Cathey Cemetery Road. At the end of the road you will see the cemetery. Go into the cemetery, and go toward the farthest tree. Dupuy's monument is under the tree.

GPS Location
34.631495, -89.712022

C. Wayne Kilpatrick at the grave of Starke Dupuy

Starke Dupuy, Jr.
Born Feb. 22, 1817
Died Feb. 11, 1857
Aged 39 ys., 11 ms., 11 ds.

Special Thanks

In March, 2006, C. Wayne Kilpatrick, Scott Harp & Gary Roeder traveled through northern Mississippi to locate graves of gospel preachers of yesteryear. We were able to locate the grave of James Matthews. In addition we went by the Old Thyatira church. While in the area we found the grave of Starke Dupuy, Jr. Thanks to these fellows for making the do so successful.

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