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William Garvin Brundige


Out Of My Memory

Garvin Brundige, Gospel Preacher

About 45 years ago Garvin Brundige told me that when he was considerably younger he attended a debate conducted by John R. Clark and C.R. Nichol. Clark was a preacher of the Church of which Garvin was a member at the time of the debate. Nichol was a preacher of the church of Christ. The debate was in Weakley County, TN where Garvin and I were born and reared. Garvin told me that he arrived at the site of the discussion early, and that as he and others waited, John R. Clark came in with books in his arms stacked up almost to his chin. He said he was really proud of "brother Clark," and was well impressed with all those books.

Brother Brundige said there was a tense feeling as the crowd waited and "brother Clark" and his moderator sat at their table, because it was almost time to begin the discussion and C. R. Nichol was not there. Finally, right at the time for the debate to begin brother Nichol came down the aisle with no books, but only a little New Testament in one hand.

Garvin told me from that moment he began to wonder why Nichol had only a New Testament. He said before the last night of the discussion he fully realized why! He said C. R. Nichol used that little New Testament in a powerful manner and showed clearly from it that his position was scriptural and John R. Clark's position was not supported by New Testament teaching.

Garvin said when he left that debate he was no longer interested in the church of which he had been a member for quite some time. Later, after thinking things through which he learned from the New Testament by the able efforts of C. R. Nichol in that debate, he was baptized into Christ for the remission of his sins as taught in Romans 6:3,4; Galatians 3:26,27; Acts 2:38, and other New Testament passages.

My Margie and I visited Garvin in the Weakley County Health Care Center last spring shortly before he went to be with the Lord Jesus on June 1, 1998. His wife Josephine was visiting with him when we were there.

The foregoing is out of my memory. I am depending on facts Josephine sent to me for what follows.

Josephine wrote, "Gamin was graduated from Palmersville High School in 1933, We were married January 14, 1939. We lived and worked on a farm for 23 years. Gamin obeyed the gospel in August 1946 at Hatlers Chapel Church of Christ in Weakley County, TN.

"We were attending church at Palmersville, TN not far from where we grew up. After two or three years Simmie McGeehee, one of the elders asked Garvin to preach on a Sunday morning. He did, and he was asked to preach more and more. He began to get calls to preach at other congregations. He preached at some places once a month, some twice a month, and he sometimes filled in for preachers in various places."

Brother Brundige preached in many series of gospel meetings in many places including: Palmersville, Knob Creek, Union Chapel, Gleason, and Bible Union, Hatlers Chapel, all in Weakley County; Berea in Obion County, TN; Bethany and Whitlock in Henry County, TN; and McLean, Calhoun and Lynnville in Kentucky.

Josephine wrote, "We moved to Poole, Kentucky to work with the church there beginning in 1962. We were there nine years."

Garvin did a great work those nine years in Poole. He and Josephine were greatly loved and respected there.

Garvin was the regular preacher for the Cottage Grove (TN) Church of Christ for six years. He and Josephine did a great work for the Lord there also.

In addition to his widow, Josephine Walker Brundige, Gamin is survived by two sons, Kenneth of Smyrna, TN, and Michael of Dixon, KY; one daughter Mrs. Brenda McLain of Martin, TN; three sisters, Mrs. Elise Wright of Martin, TN, Mrs. Elberta Owens of Palmersville, TN, and Mrs. Jean Berryman of Cottage Grove, TN; four grand-children and two greatgrandchildren.

Funeral services were conducted for brother Brundige in the meeting place of Martin (TN) Church of Christ June 4,1998. John Forgy and Tim Hatfield spoke at the service. Murphy Funeral Home was in charge.

The body of this faithful soldier of Christ was laid to rest in Hatler's Chapel Cemetery to await the resurrection.

"Do not marvel at this; for the hour is coming in which all who are in the graves will hear his voice and come forth, those who have done good, to the resurrection of life, and those who have done evil, to the resurrection of condemnation." (John 5:28,29.)

I am glad I knew Gamin Brundige. I expect to know him in a higher sense in "the city which has foundations, whose builder and maker is God." (Hebrews 11:10.)

Gamin's widow can be addressed as follows: Josephine Brundige, 1423 K St. Ext., Martin, TN 38237-2607

-The Editor, (Basil Overton) The World Evangelist, Nov. 1998, 3.

Obituary For William Garvin Brundige

The Jackson Sun (Tennessee) Sunday, Wednesday, June 3, 1998, p.6

Directions To Grave

The Brundige family are buried in the graveyard at Hatler's Chapel church of Christ NE of Martin and a few miles due north of Dresden, Tennessee on Hyndsver Rd. In west Tennessee take I-40 to Hwy 22 and head north through Clarksburg, Anark, Huntingdon, and to Dresden. Go north of Dresden on Hwy 118. Turn left on Hyndsver Rd. Go out a mile and the church will be on the right. Toward the NW corner of the graveyard is the Brundige plot.

GPS Location
36°23'05.0"N 88°43'46.8"W
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Father - W. Garvin - January 22, 1912 - June 1, 1998
Josephine W. - March 1, 1917 - December 8, 2015
Wed - January 14, 1939

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