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Reuben Lindsay Cave


Reuben Lindsay Cave was born in Orange County, Virginia in June, 1845. He was married to Sarah Francis Hopson, the daughter of Winthrop Hartley Hopson. She was born in March, 1849, and died in Missouri November 8, 1902.

R. Lin, as he was called, graduated from the University of Kentucky. He entered the C.S.A. in 1861 and served under Stonewall Jackson until Jackson's death. Then he served under Robert E. Lee until the surrender at Appomattox in 1865. He studied for the ministry. He preached at Clintonville and Leesburg, Kentucky. He served as president of Christian University (Now Culver-Stockton College, Canton, Missouri) from 1877-1881. While there he served as Professor of Sacred History, Moral Philosophy and Christian Evidences.

In the state of Virginia he preached at Gordonsville, Macedonia and Gilboa. He served the Vine St./Church Street congregation in Nashville, Tennessee until 1899. He served for a while at West End Avenue in Atlanta, Georgia. He served as professor of English and was three years the president of Christian University, Canton, Missouri. He was president of Kentucky University from 1897-1900. He preached for the Christian Church in Independence, Missouri. He served as chaplain of the Tennessee Division of Confederate Veterans for six years, also serving as Vice President during that time.

He died as a result of a cerebral hemorrhage, only days after his 79th birthday, and was buried on July 1, 1924 in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Nashville, Tennessee. The family had no markers for the six family members buried in the plot. See instructions below.

R. Lin Cave was the brother of Robert C. Cave of St. Louis, Missouri.

Location Of The Grave Of R. Lin Cave

After a visit trip to Mt. Olivet, a mystery was solved for me as I had been trying to find the grave markers for the Cave family. In the plot are the graves of at least six Cave family members. They are as follows:

R. Lin Cave - Died - July 1, 1924
Mrs. Sarah H. Cave - Died Nov. 10, 1902
Alex Perry Cave - Died Nov. 10, 1904
South C. Cave - Died Dec. 3, 1928
Powell Cave (Infant) Died Nov. 3, 1909
Lindsey P. Cave - Died Sept. 12, 1920

The mystery was solved as I came to find out that the family requested that no markers be placed in their plot. So, none of the above graves have markers of any kind. Cave is buried in the northern corner of Section 2 in Mt. Olivet Cemetery. It is in Nashville, Tennessee, and is located at 1101 Lebanon Pike, Southeast of downtown Nashville. Click over to Mt. Olivet for map and location of the grave in the cemetery. To find the grave location, find the Eugene C. Lewis Crypt, which is a stone in the shape of a pyramid. The Lewis Crypt is Tour Stop 11 on the Mt. Olivet Tour of famous citizens of Tennessee buried at Mt. Olivet. (Find more info on tour in the Mt. Olivet Cemetery office). Just to the left of the Lewis Crypt it is the Cave plot. It is just across the drive from the grave of Cave's father-in-law Dr. W.H. Hopson.

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GPS Coordinates of the grave:
36°09'11.1"N 86°44'10.0"W
or D.d. 36.153069,-86.736120
Accuracy To Within 15'
Sect. 2 Lot NC Pt. 219

Six People Are Buried In This Plot: Lindsley P. Cave (9/12/1920); Infant Powell Cave (11/3/1909); South C. Cave (12/3/1928); Alex Perry Cave (11/10/1904); Mrs. Sadie H. Cave (11/10/1910); R. Lin Cave (7/01/1924)

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