History of the Restoration Movement

Arvy Baynham Freed

Son Of A.G. Freed Who Died While Freed Lived In Henderson, Tennessee

Location Of The Grave Of A.B. Freed

A.G. Freed's young son is buried in the City Cemetery at Henderson, Tennessee. From I-40 in West Tennessee, take the Hwy 45 exit south. Go through the city of Jackson, and continue south about 15 miles to Henderson. You will be on the bypass in Henderson. Go to you come to Hwy. 100. Turn left and go to the next stop. Turn left on North Church St. Go about 100 yards and turn into the cemetery on the right. The road will "V." Take the left fork and go over the hill. As you begin to descend on the other side of the hill, the grave is off to the left. Look for a plot enclosed by an old iron fence. Just beside it to the east is the Barret grave. From the Barret Grave head back toward the rear of the cemetery a few rows. The grave will be right in front of the C.P. Roland's grave.

GPS Coordinates of the grave
35°26'23.5"N 88°38'44.5"W
or D.d. 35.439867, -88.645686

Arvy Baynham Freed
Son Of
A.G. & C.B. Freed
Aug. 10, 1898
Nov. 13, 1899
The Cost May Fade, The Lily Die
But Flowers Immortal Bloom On High
Beyond The Land Of Sinful Power
Our Babe Is Safe In Eden's Bower


The Sunshine Of Our Home
{On The Stone}

Papa's Little Man
{On The Vase}

Henderson Cemetery

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