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Elden William Stovall


The Life Of E. W. Stovall

Elden W. Stovall was born June 7, 1902 in Rives, Tennessee. He was married to Johnnie Woody September 23, 1923. Together they had four children, two sons of which were gospel preachers, Charles E. Stovall and J. Woody Stovall.

Stovall was raised in the Methodist church. He was sprinkled into this church, and took an active role in it in his early years. He was ordained as a minister, and preach for it for a few years. After a good bit of personal Bible study, also some with his wife who was a New Testament Christian, he studied his way out of Methodism. Elden was baptized by Ira A. Douthitt September 2, 1927.

Immediately after his baptism, E.W. Stovall began preaching in Marmaduke, Arkansas, September 9, 1927. He received college training from Emory and Henry College in Emory, Virginia. Later he attended Lambuth College in Jackson, Tennessee.

Through the years he served churches in Bonham, Texas from 1932-1935; Winchester, Tennessee from 1942-1945; the church in Blytheville, Arkansas from 1945-1949, and others.

He was a good writer and submitted articles for print in the Gospel Advocate, The Christian Messenger, Search the Scriptures, and The Noble Searcher magazines. He was very successful in debates. In 1934 he was part of the England-Stovall debate. England was a Holiness minister. The subject of the debate was, "The Plan Of Salvation. In 1948 he debated a Baptist in the Hopper-Stovall Debate in which was discussed the subjects of Baptism, Church Establishment, and the possibility of apostasy. In 1949 he was in the Ivy-Stovall Debate. Ivy, a Baptist discussed Baptism and Apostasy.

Stovall preached in as many venues as he saw profitable. One way was through Radio Evangelism. He preached on the radio in Dublin, Texas, Carlsbad, N.M, on KLCN, in Blytheville, Ark on WFUL, and in Glasgow, Kentucky.

He was a greatly successful preacher. He preached anywhere between four and ten gospel meetings every year. Over the years he baptized thousands of people, most of which belonged to denominations.

Elden William Stovall passed from this life August 30, 1981, and is buried in the Stovall Cemetery in Rives, Tennessee.

Sources: From Preachers of Today Volumes 1,2

-Scott Harp

Directions To The Grave Of E.W. Stovall

E.W. and Johnnie Stovall are buried in a family cemetery in Northwest Tennessee. From Memphis head east to Jackson. Take Exit 80 north toward Humbolt. Travel about 50 miles north of Jackson on Hwy. 45. Before getting into Union City, you will turn right on Hwy. 216, Pleasant Hill Rd. This will take you about a couple of miles into the township of Rives, Tennessee. Head through Rives and continue east. You will see the Stovall Cemetery on the left. Enter the cemetery and note on picture below where in the cemetery the grave is located.

GPS Location
36°19'43.0"N 89°01'29.1"W
or D.d. 36.328600, 89.024750
Graves Faces West

Stovall Cemetery - 1855 - Note location of the Stovall's grave on right edge above

Elden William June 7, 1902 - Aug. 30, 1981
Johnnie Woody May 17, 1904 - Sept. 3, 1981
Married Sept. 13, 1923
For Them To Live Was Christ, And To Die Is Gain. (Phil. 1:21)

Johnnie - A Virtuous Woman Clothed In Strength And Honor . . .
Her Children Call Her Blessed, Let Her Own Works Praise Her.
E.W. - A Laborer Worthy Of His Reward . . .
Speaking The Truth In Love, He Grew Up In Christ, Edifying The Church.

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