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Daniel Darius Rose


Biographical Sketch On The Life Of Daniel D. Rose

Daniel Darius Rose was a slender man towering six feet three inches. His height as a debater matched his physical height. The old house where he was born on April 19, 1859 was standing when this sketch was written in 1967. It is in the north part of Randolph county, Arkansas, near English Bluff and today is John Fernimen's barn. D. D. Rose was the son of Napoleon Bonaparte and Mary Jane Beal Rose. He was educated in the common schools of Randolph county and Southern Missouri.

He began preaching during the latter part of the last century in Union Township, Randolph county, at Taylor schoolhouse which later was known as English Bluff. The congregation now is known as Delhalf. He preached by appointment, as was then the general rule. He traveled horseback, by buggy, and in a farm wagon over Northeast Arkansas. He engaged in debate with the Methodists, Missionary Baptists, Primitive Baptists and Adventists. He engaged in evangelistic work in Arkansas, Missouri, Texas and Oklahoma.

D. D. Rose was married four times. Each wife preceeding him in death. Two were named Collins and one was named Taylor. I have no record of the last name of his fourth and last wife but her first name was Nan.

Once during the 1890's he engaged a Baptist preacher in a debate at Myrtle, Missouri. The propositions covered the issue of one church and the establishment of the church. The Baptist preacher was named Glass and at the beginning of the debate Mr. Glass used Brother Rose's name to make a joke. He said when the debate was over he would have plucked enough roses to give all the ladies in the house a bouquet: When Brother Rose came to the floor he said that he appreciated Mr. Glass's intentions and had no objection to the ladies having a bouquet of flowers but before the debate was over he would beat up enough glass to kill all the rats in Oregon county.

Just prior to 1900 he moved to Texas, where he was a very busy man in the work of the Master. Many have been taught and baptized by him. His grave marker reveals that he baptized over 15,000 people.

Brother Rose returned to his Arkansas Home for a visit on two occasions. Once in 1911 and once in 1931. On both occasions he preached at English Bluff and visited his people. He was related to so many in the area that all called him "Uncle Darius." Death came in 1933. Burial was in Brownwood, Texas.

—Edited from Arkansas Angels, Boyd E. Morgan, printed in 1967, pages 16,17

D. D. and Nan Rose

Directions To The Grave Of D.D. Rose

D. D. Rose is buried in Brownwood, Texas in the Greenleaf Cemetery. It is located at 2701 Highway 377 S. Brownwood, TX 76801-3901; (325) 646-6919. When entering the cemetery go to the second road and the grave will be on the right. Look for the marker, "GEORGE," and next to it to the right should be "ROGERS." D.D. Rose should be just in front of these two, in the middle. The location is 1st Addition, Block 8, Lot 1, Space 1. If you have trouble finding it, you can go to the office, or call 325-646-6919

Daniel D.
Apr. 19, 1859
Sept. 19, 1933

Minister Of The Gospel For
Over 50 Years
—Church of Christ—
Baptized Over 15,000 Souls

Nancy E.
May 11, 1857
Mar. 21, 1934

Special Thanks to Wade Cowart of Sugar Hill, Georgia for providing the pictures of the graves of D.D. and Nan Rose. The Cowarts attend where I preach, and while on a recent visit to Texas, they called and told me they were near Brownwood. Remembering that about four years ago I spent about two hours walking around the Greenleaf Cemetery and was unable to find the grave, I asked him if he would like to do me a favor and go to the office, and get directions to the grave. He found it for me, and took these pictures.

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