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Asiel Snow


Asiel Snow

The Life Of Asiel & Mary Snow

Asiel Snow was born in Massachusetts in 1796. He was a cabinet maker by trade. He moved from Massachusetts to Stantonville, Virginia in 1818. His family moved again not long after this to Christiansburg in order to take advantage of his trade. A man by the name of John Simpkins lived in the central part of Pulaski County along the path of Little River. He ordered a piece of furniture to manufactured by Asiel. When delivering the piece, Snow was greatly impressed with the region, and determined to move there. After his mother died in 1830, he began thinking more about moving. Finally, in 1833 Asiel Snow moved to the banks of Little River. His wife Mary Bullard Snow, along with her brother Chester and his wife Bettie Bullard followed, and settled in the area. Thus began the town named for him, Snowville, Virginia.

According to W.W. Otey, a youth of Snowville, Asiel Snow was known as “‘the enterprising New Englander.’ He built a dam across Little River, which permitted and provided the power for his many industrial activities. After sufficient power was available, Snow built a trip hammer forge, a linseed oil factory, a sawmill, a carding mill, a grist mill, a tannery, a shoe factory, and a blast furnace.” (Contending For The Faith, p.25)

When brother-in-law, Chester Bullard, led a religious uprising in the area around Snowville in the 1830s, Asiel and Mary were convicted and gave themselves to follow Christ. While maintaining his trade, Asiel studied the Bible intensely and began teaching the Scriptures among the brethren. This led to opportunities to preach in different locations. One of his sons, Dexter Snow, followed in his father’s and his uncle’s footsteps preaching the gospel as well. The Lord’s church captivated family, and the community around, to the point that Snowville became known as the “Jerusalem of the Southwest” (denoting the influence of the church in Southwest Virginia).

Asiel and Mary spent the remainder of their lives in Snowville, Virginia. October 2, 1884, at the age of 87 years, 10 months, and 17 days, marks the final day upon the earth for the aged and respected preacher of the gospel. His body was laid to rest in the Snowville Cemetery. Photos of the grave and information about how to find them is located below.

-Scott Harp, 12.24.2019
Sources: W.W. Otey, Contending For The Faith

Bristol News, (Virginia & Tennessee) Tuesday, Feb. 25,1873, page 1

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Grave of Elder Asiel Snow
and his wife Mary Bullard Snow (sister of Dr. Chester Bullard)

Snowville, Virginia is a small community on the very eastern edge of Pulaski County, separated from Montgomery County by the Little River. Snowville is on State Highway Route 693, Lead Mine Road. On the WEST edge of the village, and on the NORTH side of Route 693 is a lovely farm, and an equally beautiful, large, old, white, multi-section farm house. The LANE into this farm begins on Route 693 with a dual-pillar, concrete-cased, entrance gateway. Immediately ACROSS Route 693 from this gateway entrance, on the south-side of Lead Mine Road is a cattle gate, with vehicle path up a hill leading toward an open meadow. The path is without gravel, only bare dirt, with lush grass in the center. Follow this grass lane, along the left-edge of open meadow. (Grass may be high in summer, but take your time and look for the ruts. Drive around the outside of the field to the left rear of the field. The old cemetery is on the left, just into the woods. A large pillared entrance (back in the woods) into the cemetery is easily visible, and a small grass parking space is in front of the cemetery. These directions DO NOT include permission to trespass across the meadows. All visitors enter at their own risk. And certainly, any planned service to the cemetery must surely seek permission of the land-owner of the access lane.

Once entering the cemetery there are two or three graves of note. One is that of Elder G.W. Abell, located near the entrance just on the left, and surrounded by an iron fence. To the right of the cemetery is the obelisk of Snowville's founder A. Snow., and Dr. Chester Bullard's monument is at the rear of the cemetery along the wood fence.

GPS Location of the Snow Family Plot
37°01'46.1"N 80°33'27.8"W
or D.d. 37.029463,-80.557731

Asiel Snow
October 2, 1884
Age 87 yrs. 10 ms. & 17 ds.


A. Snow
Founder of Snowville

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In April, 2019, I had the privilege to speak on the lectureship program of Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies, held at the Karns church of Christ in Knoxville, Tennessee. Along with me was long time friend and fellow laborer in restoration research, C. Wayne Kilpatrick. After we both completed our responsiblies at SEIBS, we made our way into southern Virginia where we sought the burial places of several leaders in the Restoration Movement in that area. Special thanks are extended to John Showalter, great-grandson of J.T. and Sarah Showalter, who traveled with us from his home in Abingdon, Va., to show us these graves as well as other sites in his Snowville, Va. home.

Snowville, Virginia

Dr. Chester Bullard

Home of Dr. Chester Bullard 

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