History of the Restoration Movement

The Wives And Children Of Alexander Campbell

Margaret Brown Campbell
March 12, 1811

Selina Bakewell Campbell
July 31, 1828

Paintings Of Alexander & Selina Campbell
In the Bethany College Library
[Note: No photo of Margaret Campbell is extant]

(L to R) William (son Willie); Virginia (daughter Virgie) & Decima (daughter Dessie)

10 Of The 14 Children Of Alexander Campbell Preceeded His Death In 1866
All 8 of Margaret's Childen & 2 Of Selina's
Clarinda was the last who preceeded him, dying in 1851
Surviving him were Alexander, Jr., Virginia, William & Decima

All But One Child Of Alexander's 14 Children Are Buried In God's Acre
William P. Campbell is buried in Wellsburg, W.V.

GPS Location of God's Acre
40°12'19.3"N 80°32'48.0"W
or D.d. 40.205368, -80.546667

Margaret Campbell
1st wife of Alexander
(married) March 12, 1811 - October 27, 1827
[No Likeness Exists]

Memory Of
Margaret Campbell
wife of
Alexander Campbell
who was born January 29, 1791
and died October 27, A.D. 1827
aged, 36 years, 9 months, and
23 days
She was in truth a good wife, a tender
mother, a faithful and affectionate friend,
She lived the life of a Christian, and died
Full in the hope of a blessed resurrection
unto Eternal life.
The Last Lines She Had Sung Declared Her
Views And Feeling In The Prospect Of Death
and The Grave.
No Terror The Prespect Begets,
I Am Not Mortality's Slave;
The Sunbeam Of Life As It Sets,
Paints A Rainbo Of Peace On The Grave.

Alexander & Margaret's Children
All eight of Margaret's Children Preceeded Alexander In Death

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Graves of the Alexander Campbell's Children Through Margaret
Listed According To Birth

Jane Campbell Ewing
4th child to die

Eliza Ann Campbell Campbell
5th child to die

Maria Louisa Campbell Henley
6th child to die

Lavinia Campbell Pendleton
7th child to die

Amanda Campbell
1st child to die

Clarinda Campbell Pendleton
10th child to die

[no marker-broken off]
John Brown Campbell
2nd child to die
#55 Between Amanda & Margaretta

Margaretta L. Campbell
3rd child to die

Selina Bakewell Campbell
2nd wife of Alexander
(married) July 31, 1828 - March 6, 1866

Selina Bakewell Campbell

Margaret Campbell
Wife Of
Alex Campbell
Oct. 22, 1827
In The 37 Yr
Of Her Age

Selina H. Campbell
Wife Of
Alex Campbell
In Litchfield, England
Nov. 12, 1802
Died At Bethany, W. Va.
June 28, 1897

Alexander & Selina's Children
Two of six children of Selina's Children Preceeded Alexander In Death

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Graves of the Alexander Campbell's Children Through Selina
Listed According To Birth

Alexander Campbell, Jr.
11th child to die

Virginia Ann Campbell Thompson
12th child to die

Wickliffe E. Campbell
8th child to die

Margaret B. Campbell Ewing
9th child to die

Decima Campbell Barclay
14th and last child to die

William P. Campbell
13th child to die
Only child of A.Campbell not buried at God's Acre
Buried In Brooke Cemetery, Wellsburg, W.V.

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