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Anthony, John Leonard "J.L." - (1867-????) (Find-A-Grave) African-American Preacher who planted churches in Indiana & Ohio
Askew, Julius Bolden - Born between 1874 & 1885, Buried perhaps in the Oklahoma Indian Territory - Known as the "Indian Boy Preacher.", Julius Bolden Askew

Blackwell, Lonnie Wyeth (11.15.1910-06.07.2002) Gallatin, TN? (Find-A-Grave) Lonnie W. Blackwell
Bledsoe, Jesse (04.06.1776-06.25.1836) Died in Nacogdoches, Texas (Find-A-Grave) Jesse Bledsoe
Borden, George H. (Father of J.D., g'father of E.M. Sr., gg'father of E.M. Jr & ggg'father of E.M. III - died in Palestine, Texas, George Borden (Find-A-Grave)
Brockett, Harvey Barnes (04.13.1806-09.12,1848) Died in Sharon, Pennsylvania, Sketch, Western Reserve, Hayden, p.307f / Harvey Brockett
Burleigh, William Grant (04.1866-06.19.1937) Virginia? (Sketches of Our Mountain Preachers, West, p.192) W.G. Burleigh
Butler, James A., Amory, Mississippi? James A. Butler

Crislip, Abraham R. (01.1825-06-04-1903) Died in Johnson County, Kentucky, (Find-A-Grave) *lp Abraham R. Crislip

Davis, H.B. (06.10.1849-????) (Texas Pulpit,395, says he lived in Gainesville, Texas)
Duncan, W.R. (1888-1967) Obit. FF, 1.16.1968 California?
Dyer, William (????-????) bio sketch in Biography of David Purviance, page 193, somewhere around Preble county, Ohio? William Dyer

Gardner, Donald E. (4.8.1927-9.11.1996) Oklahoma City, (GA obit) (Chancellor of Oklahoma Christian College) Donald E. Gardner (Find-A-Grave)
Gilmore, Joe Jr. (08.16.1919-10.05.1997) (Creek Indian) Joe Gilmore, Jr.

Hackworth, James Matthew (02.10.1808-01.17.1861) Pickens County, Alabama? (Find-A-Grave) *lp
James Matthew Hackworth (lived in Lowndes Co., Mississippi at the time of his death, just across the state line from Pickens County, Ala. where he died.
Hansford, Elder Thomas (????) Pulaski County, Kentucky??? - Convert of Raccoon John Smith (RJS, p.136) Thomas Hansford
Hedge, John W. (05.09.1894-1989) ?? John W. Hedge
Hyde, Roy C. / Roy C. Hyde - preached in Dunmor, Kentucky in 1920s also preached in Los Angeles, California

Jackson, John J. (05.24.1850-????) Texas? Obit, in Texas Pulpit, page 378
Jackson, William N. "Bill" (????), William N. Jackson
Jones, Captain Isaac N. (????) Manchester, Tennessee
Jones, Rees (????) Manchester, Tennessee ???? (father of I.N. Jones) preached at Old Philadelphia

Kibbey, T.M. (died in Kansas City, Mo. about 1921) (Sketches of Our Mountain Preachers, West, p.113)
King, W.M (Find-A-Grave) *lp, W.M. King
Kistner, I.N. (09.12.1854-04.08.1932) (Sketches of Our Mountain Preachers, West, p.216)
Kistner, W.H. (03.24.1851-10.08.1936) (Sketches of Our Mountain Preachers, West, p.214)
Kyle, Thomas B. (1779-????) Preble County, Ohio? bio sketch in Biography of David Purviance, page 188, Thomas B. Kyle

Little, W.N. (Find-A-Grave) *lp, W.N. Little
Longan, George Washington (12.31.1819-1891) - St. Louis, Mo?, George Washington Longon

McCord, Hugo (d. 5/15/2004) Location? Portland, Oregon? (His body was cremated, ashes with family) marker placed?, Hugo McCord
McDonald, William B. (b.06/06/1875-??/??/????), William B. McDonald
McGaughay, G.E. / G.E. McGaughay
McQuiddy, Claude C. Jr (d.10.23.1979) California - Modesto? Woodland? (GA Obit) / Claude C. McQuiddy
Miller, Luke (03.15.1909-02.01.1962) African-American evangelist, died in Bradenton, Florida - his home (obit. FF, 03.27.62,p.204)
Morris, W.A. (????-????) (Find-A-Grave) *lp, W.A. Morris
Moss, Jasper Jesse (July 13, 1806 Onandaga Co., NY, - Died My 15, 1890 in Birdsview, Washington), Jasper Jesse Moss

Osborne, Jacob (d.05.1829) in Warren, Ohio. (Sketch in Western Reserve, Hayden, p.140) - Jacob Osborne

Penny, Neal (1923-1992) Neal Penny
Phillips, T.W. Jr. (????) died in Los Angeles, Cal?, T.W. Phillips, Jr.

Randolph, Gillum C (07.26.1828-????) He was born in Bradley County, Tennessee, His brothers Gilmore and Gilbert are buried in Bradley County. He married Hester Modena Mashburn or Washburn - 04.29.1858.
Randolph, Lorenzo Dow (1816-01.15.1901) died in Alvord, Texas / Lorenzo Dow Randolph (wife Lizea J. died in Fulton, Ark. 08.23.1894 and buried in Fairfield Cemetery according to GA, 9.2.1894,p.611. They may have shipped his body back from Wise Cty, Texas to be buried next to her).
Reynolds, James Weldon (2.4.1916-1987) (Find-A-Grave) James W. Reynolds
Roberts, Wade Manuel (03.13.1897-1972) died in Walker County, Alabama (Find-A-Grave) / Wade Manuel Roberts

Shehane, Charles Francis Rollin "C.F.R. Shehane" (1806-1860) (some say he died in 1857) / Charles Francis Rollin Shehane / C.F.R. Shehane
Shiver, A.L. - Montgomery?? / A.L. Shiver
Shouse, Sanford Newtin "S.N." (07.24.1838-????) Texas? Obit. in Texas Pulpit, page 376 (S.N. Shouse) (Find-A-Grave) - Missouri? Bef. 1920?
Smith, Curtis J. (01.22.1809-1870 or 1871) Frankfort (Sketch in Apostolic Times, 4parts. Series beg. March 30.1871, page 403) (Curtis J. Smith)
Smith, Foy L. (????) / Foy L. Smith
Smith, Walter A. (Find-A-Grave) *lp / Walter A. Smith
Stone, J.C. (Find-A-Grave) *lp / J.C. Stone
Stovall, John L. (05.22.1867-????) (Find-A-Grave) *lp / John L. Stovall
Summers, David W. (Find-A-Grave) *lp / David W. Summers
Sutherian, I. (Find-A-Grave) *lp / I. Sutherian

Taylor, W.Y. (1842-????) Born in Virginia, Died in Texas? Obit, Texas Pulpit, p.379
Thompson, W.N. (Find-A-Grave) *lp / W.N. Thompson
Tiers, Montgomery C. (04.29.1820-07.18.1905) Born in New York (M.C. Tiers)
Turner, James (Find-A-Grave) *lp / James Turner

Ussery, Robert (1804-1867) died in Itawamba County, Mississippi (Find-A-Grave) Var. Usrey, Usery,

Wagner, Thomas Jefferson (07.05.1893-07.28.1966) Lebanon, Wilson County, Tennessee is where he died. His wife, Sue Olive McAfee Wagner (1893-1982) died in Hopkinsville, Ky.
Wall, Philip Alexander (08.13.1890-2.24.1957) West Tennessee? Died in Obion County (Find-A-Grave) / Philip Alexander Wall
Walthal, A.B. (from 1860, spent last years in Marion, Alabama - see MH, 1860, p.103) (Find-A-Grave) / A.B. Walthal
White, Berry W. (06.15.1814-04.1887) (72 yrs. 9mos 22 days old) Marshall or Giles County, Tennessee? / B.W. White / Berry W. White
Wickman, Albert Edman (06.10.1889-????) (Find-A-Grave) / Albert Edman Wickman
Wilcox, Tipton C. (Find-A-Grave) / Tipton C. Wilcox
Williams, Charles (08.18.1878-12.30.1933) (Find-A-Grave) (Obit. GA, 3.29.1934, p.295) In Tupelo, Miss.? / Charles Williams
Williams, W.H.(died 1914) (Find-A-Grave) *lp / W.H. Williams
Wilmeth, Collin McKinney (1848-1898) Died in Mexico (Find-A-Grave) *lp / Collin McKinney Wilmeth
Wilson, Matthew M., preached at Christian Chapel in Henderson Co., TN. His name is listed in the GA, 12-18-1941, 1206. He is connected to all the Smith preachers. The mother of G. W. and others was Jane Wilson Smith. / Matthew M. Wilson
Winter, Asa (Find-A-Grave) *lp / Asa Winter
Wright, David Taylor (01.06.1817-09.13.1886) died at Chillicothe, Livingston County, Missouri (Find-A-Grave) (David Taylor Wright / D.T. Wright), associate editor of Christian Pioneer with John R. Howard.

*lp = Ligon Portraiture

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