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John Tyler McCaleb


Gospel Preacher Of Yesteryear

"John Tyler McCaleb, oldest son of Andrew McCaleb, was an Elder at Berea when he decided a congregation was needed at New River. McCaleb was a successful businessman and farmer as well as a noted and respected preacher of the gospel. He donated the land and most of the lumber for the New River building. He was known throughout the area as a Christian and a very devout man. He John Tyler McCaleb served faithfully as an Elder at New River until his death in 1918. He is also buried at New River."

-Alabama Restoration Journal, Vol. 2, Issue 1, Feburary 1, 2007, page 16

John T. McCaleb Family


John T. McCaleb's Grist Mill

Location of Grave

J. T. McCaleb is buried in Fayette County, Alabama in the New River Church of Christ Cemetery. It is about 10 miles southeast of Winfield, and about 10 miles due east of Fayette. The closest township is the little community of Hubbertville about 3 mile northwest.
From Birmingham: travel northwest on Hwy. 78 through Jasper. The new Corridor X is being completed that links Memphis, Tennessee and Birmingham, Alabama. So, part of the way can be traveled on Corridor X and part of the way is on Hwy. 78. When you get to the little community of Elderidge turn left on Hwy. 13 and head south ten miles to Hwy. 102. (It will be the next stop sign). Turn right on Hwy 102 and head toward Fayette about 6.7 miles. You will come to County Road 53 that goes to your left at the top of a hill. DO NOT turn there. Go on to the bottom of the hill and County Road 53 will turn to the right. Turn right on County Rd. 53 and go about 4 miles. You will come to County Road 49 that goes Left and Right. On the left corner is the New River Church of Christ. The cemetery is just the other side of it. Standing in the parking lot of the church building looking at the cemetery, all of the graves of the preachers listed on this page will be toward the front and on your left within 25 feet of each other.

GPS location of the McCaleb Family Plot
33°48'26.2"N 87°43'43.8"W
or D.d. 33.807269, -87.728834

McCaleb Family Plot

MD McCaleb
Wife Of
Apr. 26, 1860
Dec. 5, 1940
We trust our loss
will be her gain
And that with Christ
she's gone to reign

E.S. McCaleb
Wife of
J.T. McCaleb
Nov. 21, 1847
May 24, 1894
We trust our loss
will be her gain
And that with Christ
she's gone to reign

John T. McCaleb
Sept 27, 1840
Aug. 13, 1918

Also Buried At New River Are The Following Gospel Preachers

Jeremiah Randolph
Virgil E. Randolph
J. M. Wade
O. C. Dobbs

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