History of the Restoration Movement

Mrs. Caroline Neville Pearre

1831 - 1910

Mrs. Caroline Neville Pearre was regarded as the founder of the Christian Women's Board Of Missions. She originally lived in Lexington and Danville, Kentucky, Then she moved to Iowa and organized the Ladies movement in the church in Iowa City. About 25 women met at the October, 1874 meeting of the General Missionary Convention in Cincinnati. In 1882 she was named its first vice-president. The first year $459.00 were sent to the national treasury. The next year, $3,000.00 were sent. By 1900 the Kentucky C.W.B.M. led all states in their offerings with $12,607.68. The Missionary Societies ultimately led to great divisions throughout the brotherhood, ultimately the split between Churches of Christ and the Disciples.

Directions To The Grave Of Caroline Pearre

The grave of Caroline N. Pearre is located at Lexington Cemetery, Lexington, Ky. Heading west from downtown on West Main Street enter the cemetery to the right. Continue through the iron gates on the main little road (Main Avenue). Go between the little lakes to the new part of the cemetery and turn left as you are passing section by "16."("16" is on the right.) As you turn left there will be a small section, like a wedge, on the right with only a few graves. If you get to "I-1" or "F-1" you've gone too far. The grave is in the small north of "H-1" section. Section H-1, Lot 1

Note: While parked there don't miss John Samuel Shouse across the street in section
"I-1," and C.L. Loos is close by in "F-1."

See Where Pearre Is Buried At Lexington Cemetery, Lexington Kentucky

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