History of the Restoration Movement

Richard C. Ricketts


Well-Known Minister In The Lexington, Kentucky Area In The 19th Century

R. C. Ricketts was the first full-time minister for the Georgetown Christian Church beginning October 24, 1835. In the 1840s he followed Elder Aylette Raines as minister of the Paris Church of Christ (Christian Church). He later served the church at Midway, Kentucky. Upon the death of L.L. Pinkerton, Ricketts was involved in the devotional part of the funeral. Similarly, he assisted at the funeral of Robert Milligan. He preached revivals all over Kentucky. Though a lesser-known name among RM leaders, he was much loved and appreciated by the thousands who knew him.

Directions To The Grave Of R. C. Ricketts

Directions To Grave: Lexington Cemetery is one of the most beautiful old cemeteries in America. It is located on West Main Street heading away from downtown Lexington toward Leestown Pike. Turn right into the main entrance past the office. Once inside the gates take the second turn to the left that leads up to the front of the Clay Monument. Continue bearing left past the Clay Monument onto West Main Avenue. Follow the road on around past Section "D & H" At the end of "H" turn right. "O" will be to your left and "H" to your right. Nearly in the corner as you turn will be L.L. Pinkerton's grave. Continue on until you come to the little triangle Section "S." You will bear to the left of "S." Just as you see "S" to your right and "O" to your left, stop. Look into Section "O" for the "Sayre" monument. It will be a tall monument with a bronze statue of a man inside the top of it. Go down behind the Sayre monument and you will come to the Ricketts. Incidentally David A. Sayre and his wife Abby V. Sayre were prominent leaders in the church of Christ in Lexington in their day as well. The Sayre's GPS Location is: N38 º03.505' x WO84º30.615'.

GPS Location
38°03'31.4"N 84°30'36.5"W
or D.d. 38.058723,-84.510149
24 Ft. Accuracy
Grave Faces Southwest
Section O Lot 122

To The Memory
Of My
Rev. R. C. Ricketts
Feb.14, 1807
Jan. 25, 1892
Peacefully At Rest

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