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Leslie Grier Thomas


Biographical Sketch On The Life Of Leslie G. Thomas

Leslie Grier Thomas was born July 6, 1895 in Gibson County, Tennessee. He was baptized by T.A. Smith in 1909 at the age of fourteen. He was married to Metta Mae Newman. They had one son, John Paul. Thomas began preaching in Gibson, Missouri in 1913 at the encouragement of Foy E. Wallace, Sr., C.R. Nichol and J.W. Shepherd. In his lifetime he preached in over 20 states from rural churches to large metropolitan area churches. Included in these were: North Birmingham, Alabama; Lewisburg, Tennessee; Corsicana, Texas; Dickson, Tennessee; and West End, Knoxville, Tennessee. He had a brother, C.B. Thomas who also preached. He was a descendent of Moses E. Lard through his mother's side. Her brother was James E. Laird (a variant spelling of Lard).

L.G. Thomas received his training at Monea College in Rector, Arkansas. He also attended Thorp Spring Christian College, as well as David Lipscomb, and Howard College in Birmingham, Alabama. Churches he served as preacher included: Fifth Avenue, Corsicana, Texas from 1935-1939; Center Avenue church in Dixon, Tennessee from 1939-1942, Central church in Chattanooga, Tennessee from 1942-1947.

He was an avid writer. He wrote four volumes of sermons - one hundred each between 1940 and 1957. He wrote: The Beautiful Gleaner, 1961; An Introduction to the Epistles of Paul, 1955; Restoration Handbook, 1941; Let Us Pray!, 1964; The Letters To The Seven Churches In Asia, 1957; The Sermon On The Mount, 1958; What The Bible Teaches, Volumes I and II, 1961 and 1962. He was a staff writer for the Gospel Advocate and The Minister's Monthly. He edited the four volumes of J.W. McGarvey's Class Notes On Sacred History. He also wrote Teacher's Annual Lesson Commentary On Bible School Lessons for a number of years from 1958.

He died October 17, 1988 and is buried in the Chattanooga Memorial Park Cemetery.

- From Preachers Of Today, compiled by Batsell Barrett Baxter and M. Norvel Young, c. 1952, Nashville, Tennessee

The Stately Preacher

Signature of Leslie G. Thomas
Courtesy of Terry J. Gardner, 04.2010

Directions To The Grave Of Leslie G. and Metta Mae Thomas

Leslie G. Thomas is buried in the Chattanooga Memorial Park Cemetery in Chattanooga, Tennessee. From I-24 take Hwy. 27 North to the Hwy 127 Exit and go east. Road will dead end into Old Hwy. 27 Dayton Rd. Turn left and go to the fourth street on the right Memorial Drive. Cross the railroad track and proceed about a quarter mile and turn left into Chattanooga Memorial Park. When you enter the office will be on the left. Go straight into the park on Memorial Avenue (the main road). The road will begin to ascend up on a hill in an "S" shape. Just follow the road all the way up to the top of the hill. When you get to the top continue travelling and begin looking off in the distance about one o'clock for an arch that leads up a hill. Make your way to the arch (The Arch has "F&A. M." on the top and steps go up through the base of the arch. Park and go up the steps heading up this hill. You will come to a stone that looks like a park bench with "O'NEIL" on it. Just behind it will be the grave of A.S. Landiss. Continue further up the hill just past a real park concrete park bench. Just above it facing north is the grave of L.G. and Metta Mae Thomas.

GPS Coordinates
35.095746, -85.300294
Accuracy To Within 35'
Facing South East
Section C Lot Number 303
Grave Faces North

Leslie G. - July 6, 1895 - Oct. 17, 1988
Metta N(ewman) - Nov. 22, 1901 - Apr. 5, 1985
Married July 6, 1921

Straight down hill in line with tree, and before park bench is the grave of A.S. Landiss

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